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assignment in sql server and C#

  • Yesterday
  • Chandigarh, India
  • $7/day

Working on a website that will enable users to register/create an account, login, access their account, locate (get data from) a gps on the map, make payments, allow other people to make payments for users. I need help putting the project together. I am a senior computer science student. I am looking for insights and direction for the most part. I...

  • Apr 17
  • Fort Eustis, Newport News, VA 23604, USA

I have an assignment in the course Business IT.
I need a full solution with all the excel/codes --> so I need all the documents and files.
The solution or your answer should be full and very detailed described/ explained, so I also can understand it. This includes that you also need to write and argument and comment for your answer/ solution...

  • Apr 16
  • 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
  • $15 (Fixed)

I want to learn vba /access .. Am outside india , want to learn through online . I want to finish this within a week .. am preparing for my interview . I do have knowledge on software programming. Pls let me know soon.

  • Mar 21
  • Uganda House, Kampala, Uganda

I am here to start a job in USA, i need a motivated teacher to access my speaking and business writing email, I am looking for a tutor to spend time everyday for next 2 weeks and get ready for the job. Need a female teacher to female student.

  • Mar 10
  • Exton, PA 19341, USA
  • $6/hour

Hi my idea is to essentially make a Reddit style app . I would like there to be a login which I have semi created as still some issues it works with accounts but it skips the email verfication. I would then like it to go to a screen where you can make a post and access the thread of the images/text and maybe videos that have been posted in a...

  • Feb 23
  • Bournemouth, UK
  • $79 (Fixed)

alwayson and clustering

  • Mar 7
  • Jamaica, Queens, NY, USA