Arabic Reading and Writing tutor jobs

Arabic. Teaching and learning basics and understanding meanings for communication and academic in Bengali & English.

  • 4 hours ago
  • Sylhet, Bangladesh

Iam looking for an arabic tutor for my 5year old.

  • 4 hours ago
  • Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India


Looking for Lady Arabic Teacher for teaching school lessons for grade 8 student. Timings are after 6 pm.

Please respond if any.


  • 7 hours ago
  • Al Qusais 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Arabic tutor needed for grade 9 student.

  • 7 hours ago
  • Al Maabilah, Seeb, Oman
  • $11/hour

Wanting to learn Arabic/ want to be able to understand quran and get closer to it insha'Allah

  • 15 hours ago
  • Birmingham, UK

I need quran teacher for my 3 years old son

  • Dec 5
  • Ras Tanura Saudi Arabia
  • $27/month


  • Dec 5
  • León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Arabic class

I am looking for an online tutor.

I need a female teacher who is fluent is Tamil as well.

  • Dec 4
  • Dec 2
  • Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • $12/month

I am looking for a German Teacher for a for my Kid, I want my Kid to achive in Next 6 months.
He is 100% new to German, So we need some one to cover from the basisc.

  • Dec 4
  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • $4/hour

I want to learn Arabic Language

  • Dec 4
  • Malir Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  • $18/month

I would like to learn to read and write Arabic.

  • 9 hours ago
  • Doha, Qatar
  • $27/hour

Looking for Quran or Arabic teacher for teaching basics to Grade 6 student.

She knew arabic and surahs.

Looking for only female teachers from KERALA (please DO NOT EMAIL/WHATSAPP/CALL If you are not from INDIA KERALA)

Also looking for reliable teachers who can teach properly .

please contact me in reshmanhv at gmail dot com

  • 19 hours ago
  • Perumbavoor, Kerala 683542, India

Need Quran teacher to teach at my home for my son 7 years old

  • 22 hours ago
  • International City Phase(2) - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • $82/month

ابحث عن معلم أو معلمة يكون معه إجازة فى القرآن الكريم واللغة العربية وخبره فى الاونلاين وخبره فى التعامل مع الأطفال ويجيد اللغة الإنجليزية ومتوفر لديه لاب توب ومتاح للسهر للعمل فى الأكاديمية سعر الساعة حسب الخبرة
للتواصل *********

  • Dec 5
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Please contact me

  • Dec 4
  • Manama, Bahrain
  • $3/month

I need arabic teacher. Contact me

  • Dec 3
  • Ngong Rd, Ngong, Kenya

I've recently finished a masters in Islamic History at İstanbul University and am making preparations to do a PhD also in Islamic studies. I speak Turkish fluently and can read Ottoman Turkish at an intermediate level. I have a base knowledge in Qur'anic Arabic but would like to spend the next year significantly deepening my grasp of the language,...

  • Dec 3
  • Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

I need arabic teacher. Contact me

  • Dec 3
  • Ngong Rd, Ngong, Kenya

Hi my daughter needs Arabic tuition for grade 1
Plz share your contacts number or
Plz contact me on my WhatsApp no *********

  • Dec 3
  • Abu Dhabi Industrial City - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Arabic teachers

I would like to make enquires about Arabic lessons for my children,5yrs and 7yrs old,A boy and A girl respectively.

  • Dec 2
  • Osapa, Lekki Penninsula II, Lagos, Nigeria