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Want the best possible guidance from a passionate Mathematics, Operation research, Statistics and Physics lover and tutor?
Then you're at the right place. Any basic, higher and advanced Maths, OR and Stats assignment help, Exam help I can provide you. Please connect with me ASAP and ask about your requirements.
I'm a tutor of Mathematics, OR...

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The team HD MINDZ has vast experience with a keen interest in teaching, statistical analysis, statistical econometric analysis, data analysis, data visualization, web development, econometric models, actuarial modeling, artificial intelligence projects, deep learning including OCR, convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural network...

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7 years of teaching experience, 5 years of online experience.
Tutored 1000 students with 5000+ hours of live classes.

Currently working with Morgan Stanley as Quant Analyst.

Previously worked with Credit Suisse.

Certified FRM and CFA level 2 candidate.

Graduated from India's top Engineering Institute IIT Bombay with a Dual degree in...

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Hi students, Welcome here___
If you are looking for a good tutor for resolving your problems regarding your studies, you are at right place
I have vast experience with various types of students, passing through all stages, i am enriched with a highly professional skills. I can offer as much as time for you until you're not getting satisfied. I...

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I am a Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics graduate of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-CDO. The said program honed me for some time to develop further my skills in mathematics and was an avenue for me to build my research-related skills like using statistical tools in interpreting and analyzing data in...

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This is Maniha. I am doing MPhill in Statistics from BZU Multan. I am a polite and a humble teacher. I'll help you to cover your course and i'll teach you techniques for smart study. You don't need to be worry about your study now. You are at the right plateform. I'll make statistics easy for you. After having lesson u can put your question...

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Anyone can learn and expert in any subject. You just need to have a good guidance.

Mathematics Classes (English Medium) Grade 6,7,8,9,10 and O/L
HOME VISIT & online
Both in Local Syllabus, Cambridge and Edexcel Syllabus

Statistics Classes

# Individual or small group classes.
# Exam focused, Results Oriented.
# Theory, Revision,...

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  • 3.0 yr.
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I have a strong passion for working with statistics, mathematics, chemical engineering, and numbers. I love working with students, help them understand subjects better, and eventually score better grades. I work as an engineer full time, and have taught engineering and mathematics in my graduate school days as a teaching assistant. I have also...

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@For Statistics and Probability
I have 3 years experience to help students online at international level.
I am Subject matter expert of statistics and probability related to any subject at any level.
If you want to make assignments or home work or projects or quiz or you want to get your online solved paper for Statistics. At a very...

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I worked as a lecturer at Mekelle University Ethiopia from 2010 to 2014, as a full-time teacher, and as an assistant professor at adigrat university Ethiopia from 2014 to 2018, after that, I worked as an associate professor in the college of science Eritrea from 2019 to30th march20121. I came to India yesterday due to this pandemic situation....

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During my campus days, I realized the best way to make a concept stick is by teaching others and in the process, you become the expert and the concepts, unforgettable. With increased need for helpful tutors online, I have realized I can share the same concepts I learnt with you, regardless of your location.

I am a paragon of virtue and an...

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I am a dedicated, innovative and enthusiastic professional educator, committed to attainment, achievement, enjoyment and academic improvement, having more than 5 years of experience. I have prepared lectures for students of Intermediate and graduate classes focusing on their conceptual understanding. Created and graded course assessments through...

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I am an electrical engineer (2013), with a master's degree in electrical engineering with distinction (2015) and to date (December 2020) I am a candidate for a doctorate in engineering, the above at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia Manizales.
I am currently working as a researcher in the areas of
• Protection of electrical systems,
• Power...

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I am online Statistics Teacher. Also i am professional SPSS trainer. I will help you in the assignments and homework. I am teaching very very professional style. I have done MSc in Statistics since 2011. Trained in statistical methodology and skilled in statistical programming, including SPSS, Excel, and others. Responsible for collection,...

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  • 5.0 yr.
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Data science classes costs too high good chance you already noticed, I don't take any fees for knowledge. I am a Statistician and Data Scientist with roots in predictive modelling, stock market and slowly sprouting wings in loyalty marketing & retail analytics. I work with data from various domains (e.g. live sales data, retail data, hospital, web...

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  • Astha Ruhela Post-Graduate in Statistics, Data Analyst
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Hi! I am an expert Statistician (You can test my knowledge for free by sending me questions to solve) having qualified various Statistics and Actuarial exams(Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA),UK) with over 7 years experience in online teaching and helping students...

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Do you need assignment Solutions, quiz help, homework help before deadline??

Don't worry, I am here to help you out at the earliest !!!

I am a Statistician and Data Analyst with a passion for data and academic expertise in Statistics I am keen to solve real world problems using Statistics and Data Science. I believe in innovative knowledge...

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The students are offered classes on individual basis so that they may be taught as per rgeir own learning curve.

The classes are conducted by taking real time examples from the industry. These examples have been prepared on the basis of our consultancy experience of over 20 years.

The course content is also at par with the industrial...

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  • Gadee Gowwrii Stats,Datascience,ML,Deep Learning( 21 yrs exp)

Im teaching statistics and python in online teaching mode to different countries.
Statistics topics Covered and appropriate materials can be provide
1. Data Science, Machine Learning,Deep learning, EDA,python
2..Statistical Inference,theory of estimation,applied statiatics learning,applied statistics,Bio statistics

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  • $7/hour
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  • 21.0 yr.
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I enjoy teaching Statistics, Mathematics, Machine learning algorithms, R/SAS/C/Python programming. My teaching methodology consists of first introducing the concept axiomatically with a motivation and then supporting it with examples and a more conceptual framework so that students do not find themselves confused while solving problems and...

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