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Hi Everyone
Hope you people doing well.
Muhammad Ramzan here.

I am a Ph.D Mathematics and Statistics scholar in Pakistan no.1 University. I have a lot of experience to teaches these subjects like Differential calculus, Vector Calculus, Pre-calculus, Calculus 1,2,3, Linear Algebra, Differential equation, Numerical Analysis, Complex...

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I can help you in solving most of the pure mathematics part, from beginner to expert level.
My expertise are: Real Analysis, Metric Space, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Toplogy, Set Theory, 2D geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Basic Mathematics, Basic Differential Equations.
I was an INSPIRE She scholar at B.Sc standard;
N.B.H.M. M.Sc...

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Dr. Imran Khan (ph.D. Chemistry, Master In Science - Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee) image

Hello student/parent,
This is Dr. IMRAN KHAN
Qualifications: -
 Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, University of Delhi (Top most university of India)
 Master in Chemistry (MSc. A+ grade)
(Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (Included in top 10...

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  • Akash Gupta Expert Tutor | Full-Mark | A+ grade | Quality work
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Expert tutor - Subject matter expert to get you A+ grade!
Please reach out for Quiz/Exam/Assignment in Probability & Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering subjects(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning) with an assurance of excellent Score/Grade.
I'm with a team of 30...

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  • Naveen Khedar Subject matter expert in mechanical engineering,ma
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I believe in philosophy of making things in easier way so that a student who has minimum knowledge can understand concept or problem.. I try to provide Qualitative and accurate solution of each problem so that any student can easily learn it.i m always ready to help students and always try to make a friendly and smooth communication with...

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For any subject right teacher is very important so that you can test my skill by taking demo class Or by sample question .When I took admission in computer science, I had to suffer a lot to find a proper guidelines, because it is very difficult to know from where to start any computer science subject, like first we should start from coding...

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I have done my b-tech from NIT JALANDHAR.
2016 pass out. ESE-2019 MAINS qualified
I followed same methodology as discussed in prestigious coaching institution like IES MASTER, MADE EASY....

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I qualified CSIR NET with Air 71, IIT JAM organised (IIT Bombay) with AIR 398 and GATE organised (IIT Madras) with Air 278. I am teaching from last 7 years. I have a good experience in teaching for Maths, physics and chemistry to foreign and Indian students along with IIT JEE.
Currently I am teaching in Well Reputed School. My Style of teaching...

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  • Shailesh Dv Mathematics for RMO, INMO, IMO and JEE Mains and A
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Hello Dear Students and Parents,
I am an experienced Mathematics Professor. I have an experience of more than 20 years of teaching Mathematics to various age group students and in various fields of Mathematics.
My area of specialization with different age group students is given below :

From Grade 8 to Grade 12 :

Mathematics for all...

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Did you get bored from your studies ? Or do you have a travel plan?
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I am a post graduate maths teacher, MSC maths, with more than 30 years of teaching experience. I don't believe in only doing a particular textbook but provide more work by referring to many other supplementary books.

Since i have both Indian and International students i have study material for any student.
Or if the student comes up with their...

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  • Ruth Shahatit Public health, Sociology, Literature, Psychology

Professional teacher. Four years experience teaching online. On Time Delivery. Affordable Rates. Available 24/7.

Familiar with all online management systems(Canvas, blackboard, Brightspace e.t.c)

Dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every...

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•Former student of IIT Bombay, M.Sc. in Mathematics
•A graduate from NIT Allahabad
•Got AIR 29 in the Junior Mathematics Olympiad in class 10th
•AIR 57 in IIT JAM Mathematics 2016
•Highly passionate and enthusiastic teacher. Always encourage the students to solve problems on their own as it will boost their confidence level.

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GATE 2019 & 2020 ( under 100 RANKER)
(Beware of fraud, this is my one and only account on teacheron, Not a mediator, an individual person handles all subject myself)
Thanks for paying attention please have a look on below points

1 .I can help...

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  • Tushar Verma Chemical engineering, Fluid mechanics, Mathematics
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I have completed my BTech degree in Chemical Engineering from NIT Durgapur. I have 2 year experience in online tutoring and helping students with assignment and projects. I have worked with Chegg and Edufeat. I have strong background in Fluid Mechanics,Heat transfer, Chemical reaction engineering, Process calculations and Mathematical modelling. I...

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  • 2.0 yr.
  • Karan Sahni Mathematics Tutor with specialization in Calculus
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Its rightly said if you love what you do every single day is a bonus despite of what you are getting paid and teaching is something which I love to do. Being a Mechanical Engineer and postgraduate in Metallurgical Engineering I have worked in various industries, out of all the sectors I believe education sector suits me the most as sharing...

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"The role of the educator is to provide the proper direction to the potential student, for his/her success"

As an educator by profession, I always think for the betterment of the students, which help me to deliver the knowledge better to the students. I always try to educate the students using digital technology, which will help in increasing...

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Over 10 years of teaching, 4 years online. Tutored 75+ students with 3000+ hours of online classes. Graduated from India's top Engineering Institute IIT Madras with a Dual degree in Electrical Engineering.

I try to make the student understand exactly why/when to use a particular formula/concept and why should it be there in the first place. For...

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I want to be a philosopher,guide & friend to my student's,want to create interest among my students,I believe that example is better than definition,practical learning is most important in our life,it's not important for a teacher to become great by giving stupid highlights,A student's achievements make a teacher great,for Maths,it is important to...

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Shilpa Sharma Maths And Science Tutor image

I am very hard working teacher. I am helping my students to develop the best in them. I am helping them to learn the basics and then make their concepts strong day by day. I am using all the teaching styles which I can use according to the pace of the student. My students stay connected to me and getting help from me time to time on the basis of...

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