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  • Manish Kumar Chemistry Expert faculty available 24/7

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This is Manish kumar, an expert, dedicated and result oriented chemistry faculty for IIT JEE, NEET, AP, IBDP, A-levels, SAT, IGCSE, GCSE, CBSE, & ICSE.

Professionally I am working as a Senior Chemistry Faculty in BAKLIWAL TUTORIALS private limited pune having experience of more than 7 years.


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  • Debdeep Basu IB and Cambridge AQA & PMP Certified CFA Mentor

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Being an educator for almost 14 years now,taught various curriculums both online and offline.My students generally scores more than 85% or A in their assignment or online exam support and you only have to pay us 50% in advance to book our appointment time. My reviews are the reflection of my work. We take utmost pride with our work and expect same...

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Hi, I have done P.hD in chemistry, I am currently serving as lecturer in university of Kohat. I graduated with Honors from university of Peshawar. I have wast teaching experience, both online and offline. All of my students have significantly improved in their subjects.
I am available to help students in their assignments, exams,...

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  • Sai Kishore Mechanical ENG.IIT Delhi, Assig. HELP/QUIZ


All Exam help, Assignment, Quiz, HW of all subjects and courses. Help for any kind of subject in mechanical. Teaching as required for student advice how he/she wants, interaction will be friendly

1) Mass Transfer I & II, Thermodynamics
2) mechanical operation, thermodynamics, fluid process.
3) Heat transfer, fluid mechanics,
4) Material...

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  • Nidhi Singhal Specialization on AP and SAT Chemistry, IBDP, A/AS

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- Have specialization on AP Chemistry, Edexcel, Honors, IB, A/AS-Level, and SAT (subject SAT Chemistry) tuition for Chemistry
- I am graduated from IIT ROORKEE, NET qualified. Having 15+ years of teaching / tuition experience in college. I take personal home and online tuition
- Most of students have achieved 4/5 score in AP chemistry last many...

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I have completed M.Sc from NIT warangal, I am awarded with doctorate. I have total 10 years of teaching experience. I have ability to teach both online and offline mode. And I can explain concepts in inorganic, physical, organic chemistry and basic maths in a simple way. I can adopt variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of learners. I have...

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Hi Dear students,
Do you need Chemistry classes?
Or do you need help in your Quiz, Assignment or in exam of Chemistry?
If "YES" then certainly you are at the right place.
I have 10 years of teaching and research experience combined together. My Ph.D thesis title was "Organometallic Chemistry of Ruthenium Incorporating Different Chelating...

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| Assignment | Exam Help | Quiz | Teaching Assistance | Homework | MS Office, Excel, Word | Available 24/7

I am an IIT undergraduate with fair knowledge about how to crack competitive exams. I have taught for over 2 yrs before I joined college and 2 yrs after I have joined college. I am very methodological in my approach towards the problem and...

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| Assignment | Exam Help | Quiz | Teaching Assistance | Homework | MS Office, Excel, Word | IIT/JEE MAINS | CHEMICAL ENGINEERING | GATE | Available 24/7, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING IIT KHARAGPUR Subjects in B.Tech and IIT courses
1) Mass Transfer I & II, Thermodynamics
2) Heat Transfer, Chemical reaction, mechanical operations, Fluid mechanics,
3) C,...

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I am a professor of Chemistry from CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, India
Post Doctoral Fellow from University of California, Riverside,USA
PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India
with more than 36 years’ experience of research and teaching at all levels.
I listen and observe every student patiently,...

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  • Puja Sarkar Chemistry teacher,MSc,organic specialization

# My name is Puja Sarkar.
# I am from Chemistry background.
# I am specialist in Organic Chemistry.
# Organic reaction mechanism,spectroscopy..(i,e UV,IR,NMR),
general organic chemistry (like properties of carbocation,cabanion,free radical)
are my favourite topics in Organic chemistry.
#I can help you in pure physical chemistry assignment...

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I can help the students in their quiz, assignments, projects, lab work, final exams in the mentioned subjects.
I can also help in midterm exams and homework.
I can teach online the subjects mentioned.
I m having teaching experience of 04 years with very good result of the students.
I am very much cinversant with the subjects. I focus on...

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I am Dr. Bilal Asghar a PHD in Chemistry joining this website to assist all of you in chemistry.
Chemistry Exams Step by Step Solution through handwritten pictures.
Handwritten Assignment solutions step by step for you.
Quiz solutions, step by step.
Online Assignments and Online timed exams solutions.
Justification of steps provider.

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  • Dr Rukhsana Chemistry Exams,Quizzes,Homework Solutions

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Exams Solutions detailed.
Step by Step solutions of all kind of Quizzes, Homework and Exams.
I have done PhD in chemistry, I am currently serving as lecturer in University of Lahore. I graduated with Honors from University of the Punjab. I have wast teaching experience, both online and offline. All of my students have significantly improved in...

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Exams Step by Step Solutions are here.
Quizzes Step by Step Solutions are here.
Homework Step by Step Solutions are here.
Projects Step by Step Solutions are here.
I can provide you all step by step solutions of all your tasks in detail. I can handle all Chemistry related tasks for you.
I am currently solving exams for international students...

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Key Skills
Current assignment -
1. India - Kerala - NEET chemistry,
2. Africa - Grade A Chemistry,
3. Canada - Medicinal Chemistry
4. Australia - Laboratory skill course chemistry & ANQC
5. Italy - College grade chemistry
6. India - Cambridge Level A Chemistry
7. India - IB Chemistry
8. India - CBSE Class 11 & 12 Chemistry

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An experienced Analytical chemist with computing professional .
Am very good at the following topics.
- Statistics and Chemometrics for analytical chemistry.
-Food chemistry and analysis
-Methods of chemical analysis(chemical and instrumentation.
-Forensic Chemistry and expert witness
-Chromatography (hplc, Gc, LC, gas Chromatography and...

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  • Mercy Chemistry particularly organic chemistry


Hello Everyone,

I am a chemistry area of expertise are in general chemistry,organic chemistry at basic and expert level..
I prefer teaching with various real life example and technologies like zoom,Facebook live,use of any technology to simplify organic chemistry concepts.

I am patient, coolheaded and I try to simplify the...

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I am a learner with high learning skills,. As much as I learn, I would like to share the knowledge to you and you pass on to others. If you know something extra, teach me master.

I am not a highly skilled teacher, but trust me I can teach you how to learn and remember. I can assist you to learn more and more.

Ping me if you are an average...

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Dear Student's
My self,
Awais Saeed,
If you have found the best person to help you in any topic of Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and In-organic Chemistry and many more which is related to my work i will do all the task related to these subject as per requirements I wil work with 100% satisfaction results.So feel free to...

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