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I have two degrees in statistics(Masters and Bachelors degrees) with the third one(Ph.D Statistics) almost bagged as well and for almost a decade, I have been teaching and grading students (both statistics students and statistics users) the theories and the applications of statistics at University level.
Due to my knowledge of statistics, I help...

  • Nigeria
  • $10-21/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 9.0 yr.
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I am an industrious person. I personalized in giving and bringing out the best in my students. I make use of easy learning methods with dated textbooks for teaching and some other textbooks recommendation to fast track my student learning. Education is not about reading or learning. It's about reasoning of change which yielded the best output in...

  • Turkey
  • $19-26/hour
  • 3.5 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.
  • Hd Mindz Freelancer Data Scientist

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The team HD MINDZ has vast experience with a keen interest in teaching, statistical analysis, statistical econometric analysis, data analysis, data visualization, web development, econometric models, actuarial modeling, artificial intelligence projects, deep learning including OCR, convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural network...

  • India
  • $10-34/hour
  • 4.0 yr.
  • 8.0 yr.

I believe in giving quality education to the students. I am a hardworking and dedicated teacher whose aim is to provide quality education to the students.
More over I had an experience of more than 8 years in in teaching different subjects to the students and produce excellent results.
I go friendly with the students to explain each and...

  • India
  • $24/hour
  • 4.0 yr.
  • 10.0 yr.
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I happen to be a teacher that will start everything from the rudiment. As a student, one of d best way to learn is the know the basis of the every course . Am willing to break everything from the foundation to enable you understand and get the best from my lecture.. I don't believe in failure of any student no matter what.Believe strongly in...

  • Nigeria
  • $18-39/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 8.0 yr.
  • Gadee Gowwrii Stats,Datascience,ML,Deep Learning( 21 yrs exp)


Im teaching statistics and python in online teaching mode to different countries.
Statistics topics Covered and appropriate materials can be provide
1. Data Science, Machine Learning,Deep learning, EDA,python
2..Statistical Inference,theory of estimation,applied statiatics learning,applied statistics,Bio statistics

  • India
  • $7/hour
  • 3.0 yr.
  • 21.0 yr.

As biostats is a very volatile subject...but i teach in such a that ur concept will get clear...and it will be remembered by u for a long time.
I will teach use of excel for biostatistics, so that u can do simple analysis of ur study by yourself.
Sample size calculation, sampling technique, types of data, study design will be taught in...

  • India
  • $7/hour
  • 4.0 yr.
  • 7.0 yr.
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I am experienced well enough to teach these areas I have mentioned. I look after the problems of my students with patience and try to solve it and make them understand until they get it totally. I am friendly yet strict. I frequently contact the parents to tell them about the progress of my students. I am expert in online tutoring. I will clearly...

  • India
  • $4/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 6.0 yr.