AP Physics 1 and 2 assignment tutors

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I Have graduated from IIT Kharagpur and have been teaching Physics and Maths to ENGINEERING (IIT-JEE) AND MEDICAL (NEET) entrance examination aspirants for the last six years .
My credentials can be summed up as :
ALL INDIA RANK 1632, ( IIT-JEE,2009)

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  • Navjot Kaur Maths, Science, Physics, ECE, IELTS online tutor
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I will make the complex things simpler for my students. I will explore all the possibilities so that student is able to understand all the concepts. I usually use a mix blend of online tools (Zoom/Google meet) and real white board for subjects like mathematics and physics. Regular discussions are done with the students about the worksheets of the...

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  • Rahul S Mathematics and Physics

If you have gone through my profile and you are looking for the X Factor all I can say is start with a demonstration class. Let us have an interaction and if you are happy/thrilled by my demo lecture then we can start and if not then perhaps I would want you to point out my mistakes/drawbacks. I would appreciate your review/constructive criticism....

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I have a total of 24 years of teaching experience. I have been teaching Physics and TOK to the students of high school and Junior college all throughout in reputed schools in Kolkata and Mumbai.
I also offer help with IA and Extended Essay- Physics and World Studies.

Learning Physics with me is an enjoyable experience. I prefer a 'Inquiry...

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  • Rehman Ahmad Expert in teaching Maths, Physics and Chemistry

"Education is the key to success"
Hello, I am Rehman Ahmad and will teach a variety of subjects including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Education is incomplete without a qualified teacher, therefore; to make it complete I will use my knowledge and experience to teach the students who have hunger to learn new concepts and polish their...

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# I have expertise in AP PHYSICS 1, AP PHYSICS 2 & AP PHYSICS C
# I am also an expert of CAMBRIDGE IGCSE PHYSICS and IB (HL/SL) physics.
# I have an experience of 8+ years.
# I am one of the top subject matter experts(physics) on *my engineering buddy*
# I have mentored 500+ students from more than 8 different countries
# I am also working...

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A result oriented professional, proficient in understanding the students capabilities, has expertise in handling and training them according to the need. Making the concepts clear with practical illustrations is the key in my teaching. I prepare the students well to solve the numerical problems on their own. Confidence with clarity in Physics will...

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NEET/ IIT-JEE/CBSE Physics Tutor with 20 years of Experience
AP | IB | Edexcel | IGCSE Physics with 5 years of Experience
Love to teach is my passion and profession. To bring out the excellence in students is my Determination. Each student is precious to me. I try to work at any student's level. I make the concepts so simple that you can...

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I am a mechanical engineering doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I have also done my M.Tech in Mechanical Systems Design from IIT Kharagpur. I have taught several science and engineering subjects in which I obtained a more than 90% success rate on average. My students have always loved me as I always remained their...

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Physics and calculus is my life! I am master of these two.

Hi. Myself Shekhar and I am a Physics Professor in a prestigious college for last 8 years.

I have vast experience teaching AP and IB courses in Physics and Calculus.

I use Google meet or Zoom and have a Digital pen pad for effective tutoring.

I have a neutral accent so no...

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My aim is to work innovatively for the enhancement and betterment of education and leverage educational technologies to enrich my student’s learning experiences and instilling love for Physics.

I have worked with global MNC’s such as IBM, Cisco Systems, UB Networks, Microsoft, F5 Networks, VMWare) in the field of Information, Communications &...

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I have been teaching for more than 5 years and secured AIR 8553 in JEE Mains. I focus more on concept learning so that students can enjoy the subjects and understand the fundamentals of topics in Physics, Chemistry & Maths for JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, Neet, NDA and for all Curriculums (IB, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE, ISC etc.). Apart from this, I possess...

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Accomplished Education Specialist with over 10 years of expertise in guiding child development by serving as inspirational figure and encouraging role model to students with diverse needs. Expert in leading and supporting children overcoming challenges by continually assessing students formally and informally, identifying behavior issues and...

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I am a Mechanical Engineer, Doing my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I am Experienced in tutoring physics, and math to IGCSE, GCSE, AQA, Higher National Physics and AP Physics students. I have over 3 years of tutoring Experience. I work with students who feel lost and weak in physics from scratch to help them catch up with...

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  • 2.0 yr.
  • Vikash Gupta Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering maths
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Hello, My name is Vikash and I am here to help you with physics, mathematics, chemistry, and Spanish language subjects.
I have completed my Graduation and Post Graduation from University Of Delhi.

When you hire me, first check my knowledge and then hire me. You will definitely hire me for your work.

I am punctual and I will provide you...

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Physics Scholar for all your physics related questions.
Hi, myself Manish Sahu (IIT Roorkee, 2007), I am passionate about teaching and it’s been long 14 years since I started teaching students for all kinds of competitive exams such as JEE Mains and Advanced, NEET, Olympiads, AP, SAT Subject etc. Join me and experience the expert way to master...

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Hello students!

My name is Jamal, a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, and here to help you in getting good grades in your subjects.

I am here to assist you in any kind of Assignment, Quiz, or Exam. I deal in all subjects whether it be your English, Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Economics, or business management subjects....

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  • Dr. Uma Garg Physics Teacher for NEET/IIT-JEE/CBSE/AP/IB/GCSE
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I am currently a faculty member at the Cheenta Physics Institute, knowledge partner with Aditya Birla Education Academy. At the Cheenta Institute, I mentor students for the physics Olympiad exam (NSEP Exams). Apart from this, I am also mentoring students for the NEET and IIT exams physics preparation. I completed Ph.D. in Physics from the...

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  • Robert Kirwa Electrical engineering, physics, math, calculus
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I am ana experienced electrical and electronics tutor with great knowledge in tutoring various areas of electrical and electronics such as Circuits theory, digital electronics, analog electronics, power electronics, power systems, electromagnetics, control engineering etc

I will also help you with engineering mathematics such as

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Are you looking for Perfect scores in IBDP and IGCSE math and physics!!
I have completed the workshops on
:Assessing the IB exams.
:IB professional development in math.
:Have teacher training degree
I have been associated with British and American schools during my stay in Jakarta.
No student has scored below grade 6 in math and physics.

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