Applied Mechanical Vibrations assignment tutors

  • J.Nanthini Fastest way to get EXAM & Assignment clear🀩
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Hi Dear Student,
βœ… I have 10 years of teaching experience and helping students with the subjects, projects,
seminars, PPT, exams. The Subjects I helped are Design of machine, HVAC system, AutoCAD and autodesk inventor software, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics,
βœ… I creatively and genuinely help students with Homework, Assignments,...

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  • Nikhil Patidar Matlab Programming,Electrical engineering,Writing
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SOLIDWORKS |AUTO CAD 2D | CREO | CATIA |Assignment | Quiz | Homework | Teaching Assistance | Exam Help | Project Report | Engineering Drawing |Python |MATLAB Programming Projects

I have experience in 1. MATLAB programming task 2. Electrical engineering tasks 3. Control System Design 4. State Space Control 5. Linear Control System 6. Signal and...

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Hello dear students! Are you tired from scammers and looking for some competent,hard working,reliable,trustworthy and result oriented teachers?I'm Dr Ahmad from University of Engineering and technology Lahore Pakistan and I'm working with more than 700+ international students who are connected with me permanently. I'm working with my three sisters...

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Hi, there students,

I will be your teacher/trainer for mechanical engineering concepts such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, strength of material, machine design, Applied Maths, etc
along with that, I can teach some programming languages such as MATLAB, Autolisp, Python,C/C++, etc

CAD and CAE softwares...

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  • Ramy R&D Mechatronics Engineer
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R&D Mechatronics engineer in OngineeringCo & Laboratory engineer at the MNR laboratory (Medical micro and nano robotics laboratory).

I am a Graduate of Mechatronics engineering from the German university in Cairo. I have 3 years of research and teaching experience as I am a senior researcher in the Aratronics laboratory (Applied science and...

  • Egypt
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Hello students, I hope you are doing great!
I will be happy to share my knowledge and skills with you and also to utilize my 4 years of teaching experience in helping you. I would love to give time in helping students in their assignments, homework, and clearing doubts in Mechanical Engineering subjects for the undergraduate level. Here you will...

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Experience: 14 years (National + International)
: 10 years in (Engineering College)
M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering).
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Preparation of IIT-JEE
Preparation of IES (Indian Engineering Services)
Preparation of...

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  • $1/hour
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  • 14.0 yr.
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I have been in teaching profession since more than 30 years. Ever since I joined Ramaiah Institute of Technology, I have been involved in all kinds of teaching related activities such as student related, administrative & autonomous services, self development, R &...

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I am a Mechanical Engineering Professional having 6 years of skilled experience in academics & research. My Job responsibilities include developing as well as implementation of innovative Teaching Pedagogy methods.Apart from being a part of Academics & Excellence in University I am associated with Chegg India Pvt.Ltd. (Mechanical Subject Matter...

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i will teach from basic level to university exam & competition level which boost the knowledge and interest of student in the subject. i will give proper assignment test will be conducted after regular interval of time.
past results of my students is excellent and all of them get good score in their exams. i can teach in any way either in...

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  • 4.0 yr.
  • Mohan R Doing Subject Matter expert job

I can solve theories of machine, Static and Dynamics using vector approach, robotics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics in mechanical, Mechanics of material.
I am good in numerical by using the MATLAB coding or excel or Python coding.
Like to solve partial differential equation in numerical method(finite difference Method,to solve...

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Dr. Ashish Khaira is hard working, efficient, ambitious & energetic person with convincing capability; with multiple years’ of industrial and academic experience; along with patent (05), published book (01), edited book (01), book chapter (04), journal articles (12) and conferences (06). He is also experienced in working with MATLAB and R...

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My name is Kishan Nath Sidh, I have finished my post-graduation ( Mtech) with Machine Design specialization from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. I have secured the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering-2019 with a score of 670 in Mechanical Engineering. Currently going to Pursue a...

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I can teach Mechanical Subject; Expertise is in Design subjects. You can contact me by email, I love teaching, and you will get both Theoretical and simulation-based teaching. I will try my best to explain the concepts and put my 100% effort into your doubt clearing sessions.
I mostly use ppts, and for an explanation, I use the stylus in class....

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  • 12.0 yr.
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I am well PROFESSIONALISED and versed in this field. The best part of my assistance is the experience. I works on the following rules:
• The syllabus is well assessed before giving any kind of consent towards helping.
• I works on the basis of giving guarantee i.e., a particular percentage of marks...

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  • 16.0 yr.
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Profession: R&D Automobile Engineer with 3yrs experience

Degree: B.E Mechanical Engineering with 91%

Subjects of Expertise:
1) Strength of materials
2) Statics
3) Thermodynamics
4) Obtained an overall score of 89/90 in PTE Academic 2021

Other subjects:
1) Dynamics
2) Heat transfer
3) Machine design
4) Mechanical Vibrations

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  • Santosh Rout JEE Main/Advance and NEET Physics Teacher
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I am a Teacher/Engineer currently teaching in a renowned institute in Mumbai. I was working as a Production Engineer at LnT and a part time teacher.I love teaching Physics in a very amusing way. Till now 3 students have cleared AIIMS and 5 students have cleared JEE main(out of which 2 cleared advanced and made it to IIT). I have Specialization in...

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Crazy scientist and crazy profesor. I can speak three languages: portuguese, english and spanish. I love to play guitar. Join all this things at a good enviroment with a lot of happy and fun, we try to teach and learn together. Camon, come to probe this methodology. The good teacher, teachs but the best profesor, inspires. This is my lemma....

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I have already completed my Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from two of the most reputed institutions, and has qualified the GATE examination twice. This gives me a great hand over these subjects may it be core or non core.
I have already been mentoring college and highschool students for over 4 years and the experience will help...

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I love learning and teaching. Teaching is a art. I can definitely make it more beautiful and interesting. The key point is how to learn new things in better and creative ways. I will provide you better understanding of subject and it will increase your imagination power, aptitude and logical ability. In my teaching you will get more interest...

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  • 8.0 yr.