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i excel in great coordination with students regarding their queries and work. the job will be done with an effective approach that will benefit both the parties. the results of the work will be of sure success because i intend to completely use my skill set in solving all the complex and complicated problems. i am a dependable person who is great...

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  • Naqeeb Akhtar Assignments, Projects, and lab reports help
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If you are looking for help in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Civil engineering Assignments and Projects then you are at the right place basically we are working as a team of EXPERTS from different...

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* More than 15 years of experience
* Embedded Systems
* Electrical & Electronics Engineer
* Software & Hardware
* Signal Processing
* Microcontrollers (8051, 8086, AVR, PIC, ARM, TI (MSP430), Motorola (HCS12), STM32, ...)
* FPGAs (VHDL & Verilog)
* Arduino
* Replit
* Machine Learning
* Data Visualization
* Computer Vision
* Image...

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About Me
Twenty plus years of industry experience ( US, Canada and India) in the following areas:
- Semiconductor Design (Xilinx and Intel FPGA, ASIC),
- Embedded System Design ( 8051 / PIC / STM32 / TI / ARM / NXP LPC microcontroller )
- Algorithm Development
- Matlab
- Python
- Technical research paper writing and plagiarism free...

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I am Software Developer, Freelancer and Data Structure & Algorithms expert . I like to challenge myself to do some difficult tasks. I have diverse Industry experience in C/C++, Golang, Python, Java and therefore, I have already trained 200+ professionals in different Domain. I can help you in projects and assignments.

I have strong 6+ year of...

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I have qualified UGC NET-2019 as Assistant Professor for the Electronics Science subject. I have completed 7 NPTEL courses with top % and also took COURSERA courses on Electronics. Teaching is a continuous process of learning. For me, learning will happen by only teaching. Tutoring is the best way to learn more and more. One-to-one interaction is...

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Subject Taught: Python, Microprocessor and its application, Circuit & network, Digital Electronics, Image processing, IOT and application many more.
Lecture notes (ppt) will be provided.
details study of each topic chapter wise
chapter wise test for continuously evaluation
will give assignment chapter wise. and continuously evaluated....

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  • 7.8 yr.
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I am an M.Tech graduate from one of the top institutes in India. My area of specialisation is power electronics. I have in-depth knowledge in modelling and simulation of electrical systems in MATLAB and PSpice. Other areas of my expertise include electronics, engineering mathematics, electrical machine design, embedded systems and PCB routing. I...

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I am having Industry experience and currently working as a faculty of an engineering college, I teach school and college level Computer science syllabus.
I prefer the value of timing so after class I am also available on Whatsup to clear doubt if any. I believe Student should not wait to get answer till the next class.
I believe that anyone...

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I have 10 years of teaching experience. I am working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College. Now I am handling computer science subjects like Data Structures, Microprocessors and Microprocessors, Computer Architecture, Programming in C/C++, Java, etc. Teaching is my passion and I am a teacher by choice. I enjoy teaching and coding. I...

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  • Ram Electrical & Computer Engineer
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Hi,How are you ?
I am Ram, here to help through online tutoring.I use every useful tool needed for online tutoring and help in assignments and projects.
I have mentioned my skill and subject expertise below,go through it. if your requirement meets my skill then feel free to contact me anytime .
As I am Electrical & Computer engineer which is...

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Hello students and parents,
I am a young teacher who can easily match with the frequency of students. I can understand the capacity of students and train them accordingly to do better in my subject.
Parents can contact me for the best science coaching for your child.
I can understand the weakness of students and help them practice in that...

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  • Deepika Garg Python-POWERBI-Java-Php-C,C++,uml& database tutor
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Here Deepika, Qualification from Thapar University.

My proficiency lies in
1. Python
2. UML diagrams, ER diagram, DFD, Flow chart, Pseudocode
3. Power BI, Microsoft Power BI
4. Java
5. Advanced Java
7.R Statistics, R coding language
8. PHP with MySQL
9. JS
11. C
12. Unix
13. Linux
14. My SQL
15. Oracle

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I graduated with a master's degree in Computer Science from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Lahore, Pakistan with 4.0/4.0 GPA(Gold Medal) in 2021 and am currently working as a Lecturer there. I have good collaborative, communication and presentation skills. Lead many pre-exam revision sessions with university...

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Hi everyone...!!! Welcome to my profile. I am professionally educated. I have completed degree in Communication . Expert in computer architecture, visual communication, assembly language, information Technology and communication related Projects.
*Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who...

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I have an uncommon combination, a great programmer and a great tutor. My advanced understanding of programming helps me to teach programming from the fundamentals while being a great tutor makes me break it down to you like you are six. I have a track record of success as a programmer as well as a tutor. I have impacted a lot of students’ lives...

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I am a qualified computer science instructor having the advance degree in computer science. I am teaching and helping students in their assignments from past 5 years . If you need any guidance and help related your homework and assignments you can ask me . Many research article and final year projects are also done by me . I am fully expert of...

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  • Rashid Full time technical freelancer
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Detailed explanations of programming tasks, on time delivery of the given jobs and available anytime of need, We can as well negotiate about the price if not quite comfortable with you. Godd research skils while doing anything related to field of proffesoesion and through this i deliver quality outcome.
Im a a keen observer of the task deadlines...

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I am an educator in engineering domain since 30 years. My subjects of expertise are Programming Languages, Operating System, Data structures, System Programming, Micro controllers & Microprocessors, Assembly language programming, Arduino.

I have a very simplified and creative approach towards learning. My students always enjoy my sessions...

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You should consider me because I am:
Friendly in person
24/7 Available
My expertise are:
Computer Programming
Assembly Language
HTML/CSS & JavaScript
I am a distinction holder in my Higher Secondary School so you can completely trust me and I know what it takes to be successful....

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