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"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”

“Upon the subject of education … I can...

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  • Roopa C Assistant professor in Electrical Engineering
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Many students feels calculation subjects are tough its really wrong assumption in-fact its really easiest among other subjects if you start understanding it with patience, all you need to do is spend some good time with your teachers even on silly doubt also and work every day hands-on then you can be able to achieve your results however you...

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Hi! I am a bachelor's student doing Biomedical Engineering. I have taught students a couple of times and i believe in learning for oneself. I didn't have cool teachers so i try to be one myself because a good teacher is important for good grades.I can help with assignments and home tasks along with trying to give you a grasp on subject.My fee is...

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I have a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, have a professional working experience of 1 year, I can teach electrical engineering related topics or math, physics and science. I have taught students basic electric engineering, digital electronics and similar subjects before . I can also explain concepts for front end,...

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Md Salim Equbal image

Currently pursuing PhD (MVLSI) from Indian Institue O f Technology,Kanpur
MASTER of Technology(ECE) from Jamia Millia Islamia University in 2020 with first division with distinctin
Bachelor of Technology(ECE) from Jamia Millia Islamia University in 2018 with 83%.
Intermediate (10+2) from UP B.S.E.B, PATNA in 2012 with 70%.
High School from...

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  • Shagufta Bibi Friendly teacher with 7 years of experience
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Welcome here,With many years of experience in my Electrical electronic circuit design field. I like intelligent and smart students, pick up early and understand better. I can deliver most difficult things with ease by setting example related to the idea concept or topic
I love teaching profession because of many reasons. All the time student...

  • Mirpur Azad Kashmir
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  • Rukhsar Technical trainer, C, Data structure, python

I am a skilled trainer for C,Python, Data structure and Algorithms . I am an innovative training professional with experience in teaching and training, working mostly on C,Python and Data structures,Linux Internals Projects for many leading educational training companies all over India.I have delivered more than 150 workshops all over India. I...

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Somkenechukwu Mamah - Code Ambassadors image

I am a Tech Enthusiast with over 5 years of experience who specializes in teaching the latest technological tools to kids, teens, and young adults.
I teach Coding and Robotics to as young as five years old children so believe me when I tell you that anyone can effectively learn python, Scratch 3.0, App development, AI, basic electronics, or...

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  • Nagesh Teaching for Electrical Engineering
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i am having total experience of 16 years i can teach you online all electrical subjects taking all practical examples my way of teaching will be from basics . i will explain using power point presentation.i am expert in electrical machines,power electronics,power systems,i can guide you how to get expertise in the subject .i am having my own...

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Hello students!! I have working experience of 5 years in assignment and live study help . I provide services for all electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,civil engineering, biomedical courses,. I have a team of experts for all subjects and for each task we assure you A+ grade.
I have been providing my services worldwide . For every...

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I have completed a Ph.D. from JNTUH Hyderabad from the department of ECE. My area of research is low power VLSI. My self qualified in GATE 93.6 percentile in 2003.I have 17 years of experience in teaching.I have 10 years of online teaching. I will help you in assignments exam preparation,quiz,lab preparation. My aim is to provide top quality...

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  • Chandan Kumar EXAM EXPERTS✍️ Professor at Delhi University
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Hey! Dear Students,...

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  • Sandeep Mechanical ENG IIT DELHI,MBA,QUIZ/EXAM
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Best for Mechanical/Electrical engineering, Fusion 360,Machine design,AutoCAD, Solidworks, Innovation, Matlab Programming,Management and Business writing

I also love Material science and Mechanical engineering and I also love electrical engineering and Matlab Image processing area.

Bachelor in Engineering from IIT Delhi and MBA from...

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If you need any help to study for exams assignments and quizzes or projects, you can contact me . I have a good experience about how to deal and how to let you score good in exams . I can provide correct and on time solutions because we are many tutors working at the same time. Result is guaranteed otherwise get your money back.
I would like to...

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  • Yash Shukla BEST RATED TUTOR (all verified review)
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I have done B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in
Electronics & Communication Engineering stream from
Govt. Engineering College Ajmer, India.
I'm an experienced tutor with experience of more than one year (online+offline) and I'm an expert in solving problems and assignments of subject related to Electronics, Communiation and Electrical...

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  • Uzair Attique Electrical, Mechanical, Renewable, Physics, Maths
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I'm working as an electrical engineering lecturer in an ABET accredited university in UAE. I have more than 5 years of teaching experience.

Also, I have been giving private tuitions (both online and face-to-face) to students from different universities and high schools. Majority of my students are from Higher Colleges of Technology, American...

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GATE 2019 & 2020 ( under 100 RANKER)
(Beware of fraud, this is my one and only account on teacheron, Not a mediator, an individual person handles all subject myself)
Thanks for paying attention please have a look on below points

1 .I can help...

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Purnish Sinha image in power system,I have also done graduate in electrical and electronics, 5 years of online teaching experience with detailed doubt solving sessions and motivation technique .currently i am pursuing in power system with 4 times gate qualified . my area of expertise is maths and science from grade 1 to grade 9 .i will throughly...

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  • 5.0 yr.
Charu Jain (professor In Electrical And Electronics) image

I have 10 years of online teaching.
For ONLINE TUTORING i Have a DIGITAL TEACHING PAD which makes online teaching more convenient.


I am...

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  • 12.0 yr.
  • Ramy R&D Mechatronics Engineer
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R&D Mechatronics engineer in OngineeringCo & Laboratory engineer at the MNR laboratory (Medical micro and nano robotics laboratory).

I am a Graduate of Mechatronics engineering from the German university in Cairo. I have 3 years of research and teaching experience as I am a senior researcher in the Aratronics laboratory (Applied science and...

  • Egypt
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