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Message me for any help in assignments, live sessions. I am here to help students for all assignments, tests and exams and I will make sure you always get >95% In your subject. Contact me for any help regarding given subjects .You can send me an email or contact me on Whatsapp directly.
Contact me for any help in your semester, projects and for...

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Dear Students
Do you need best scores in your exams/homework//tests/quizzes and assignments. ?
Do you need one to one // Group Tutoring Class to explore concept knowledge ?

Charges 15-20$ Per Hour

Following Subjects are Covered :-
1.Statistics || Business Statistics|| Inference || Probability || Data Analysis || SPSS | R Language

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  • Aakash Verma ML, Data, Eco., Mgt. (100's of Assignments Solved)
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I am here to help you with your assignments/project needs. We believe in providing quality work and we are very particular about time. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

We have helped 100's of students/ faculties/ professionals around the world to solve assignments and projects. We have helped students from Canada, Europe - Germany,...

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  • Anand Mathematics and Statistics
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I am a qualified Mathematics and Statistics Tutor. I have taught students in India and International covering from 8th graders to College Students.

I can especially help those who want to go into Data Science with the Statistics and Mathematics subjects.

I believing in imparting knowledge than an exam based learning.
However, I can...

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  • Ankita Nandy Research Associate, Consultant, Teacher
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I have over 8 years experience in classroom.and online teaching. I have an academically brilliant background and I can teach Mathematics at school level for all classes. I can also assist in coding in C, C++, Python, R and MATLABand associated research work.
I can build a great rapport with the student and work with him/her through all problems....

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I am very competent and adequately experienced to handle the tasks within my areas of expertise. I have an honors degree in Anatomy and 2 certifications from Harvard Medical School which provide me with a very firm academic background. Further, I have a specialization in Biostatistics in Public health from Johns Hopkins University.

I have...

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I am Tasneem Amjad, professionally working as a teacher since 2017. I have completed my M Phill Degree from Top-Ranked University- QAU, Pakistan

Being a tutor, I can simplify any educational content you have difficulty with unique and funny techniques, you will enjoy learning most with me.

I can teach well and simplify complex...

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Raise your Grade with solution expert. A Doctor of Statistics knows much better about the problems/projects then others. Must write what'sapp to solution expert doctor before fixing your task, I know students paying their valued money just for better Grades.
~~* Currently I’m Statistics Instructor at University and have more than 12 year teaching...

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I have transformed many students to get within 500 jee rank.and more than 95%.I help students for chemistry physics maths also with full responsibility.i am an IIT graduate JEE 900. I show lots, of video, very simple manner teaching is preferred. i teach lot of example and classes are sufficient even to top the board .as many as 70% get selection...

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I believe in Einstein's quote, "If you can't explain it to a 6-year-old, you don't understand it yourself".

I belong to Gilgit-Baltistan, one of far flung areas of Pakistan. I was the provincial topper for my school, college and MCAT in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Owing to which, I managed to get admission in King Edward Medical University,...

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I have over 20 years of university teaching experience. I usually illustrate worked examples with real life examples so that students get a better understanding of the concepts. I also have a wealth of experience teaching a RMIT, Monash, Deakin, Victoria and Swinburne university in Melbourne. My approach is very relaxed and also very detailed...

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  • Puneet Gupta Assistant Manager - Policy and Portfolio Analyst
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I have done Master and Bachelor in Statistics along with Actuarial Science and cleared 6 exams i.e. CT - 1,3,4,5,6 and 7.

I am working as a Policy and Portfolio Analyst in a lending institution and look after all the statistics related work end to end. I have created Scorecard models using Machine learning models (Random Forest and XGBOOST) on...

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My STEP 1 score - 254 (Sep 2020).

It has always given me immense pleasure teaching someone things that don't fall into place despite frequent attempts.

USMLE exams have always been daunting!!
Since I have been through this exam prep, I can help make this journey a lot easier and doable.
Looking retrospectively, I have learned a...

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I would like to introduce myself as Prof.Khalid Shaikh. I have more than 5 years experience of teaching .I will clear all the besic concept of statistics and Mathematics Science of students .My method of teaching is very easy and simple to understand . I will explain one topic upto students got understand. I have experience of teaching from last...

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I got Nine years of teaching experience in Pharmacy and allied health sciences. I am also a Chegg Textbook Solution Expert. I will help you finish your assignment in time. I am a research scholar and pursuing my PhD in palliative chemotherapy in cancer patients. I can teach a wide variety of subjects in paramedical sciences. Simplifying...

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Hello, I am Ibrahim Abualgohsain. I was teaching biomedical courses for 6 years in simple, organized, and clear ways. I am a graduate of one of the best 500 universities around the world and I was graduated with the first rank on my batch. My students claim that my explanations and teaching make complicated topics much easier, more than 90% of...

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I am Dr. Md Afroz Alam, completed my Post Graduation and Ph.D. in Bioinformatics. I am having 11 years of teaching experience at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-India and 15 years research experience in the field of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology with 23 publications in reputed Journals and...

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I am Muhammad Bilal
BS Statistics from University of ------
I have experience in Statistics, Biostatistics, Statistical Technique and Probability and Statistics
If you have any Query relayed to those Subject then Contact me .
If you need help in Biostatistics parametric and non Parametric test
If you help in Regression Analysis, Statistical...

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I am a potential teacher and researcher with sound technical knowledge in pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, and pharmacokinetics including dosage form designing, development, and optimization using the Quality by Design approach for novel drug delivery systems.
I have the ability and experience in writing research proposals at the Ph.D. level, in...

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Ever since I was a teenager I've had a keen interest in learning and bettering myself, and I believe that if I use the right tools and strategies, this hunger for learning and self-improvement can be picked up by students who can then incorporate these values into their own lives now and in the future. Having the experience to make an expert from...

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