C# assignment jobs

I am trying to add online appointment booking functionality to an existing website which is built using Umbraco. And using a third party web api service to implement this booking functionality. This web-api provider also handles the login part to authenticate the user and returns the XSRF-TOKEN which i need to use(implicitly) to call their...

  • Jun 13
  • Reading, UK
  • $32 (Fixed)

Looking for online tutor to pass exam in Programming languages, C, C++, C#, Java, python, CSS, Git, jQuery, JSON, Maven, MangoDB, Objective C, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on rails, swift,

  • May 31
  • Daly City, CA, USA
  • $10 (Fixed)

I need to get my C# Assignemnt done. Need help urgently. I will pay

  • May 30
  • Peterborough, ON, Canada
  • $30 (Fixed)

Actually i am working on VB6 project (Changes only). I want to upgrade this in C# , i want to learn C# or learn though upgrade this app. Can you please go through and tell me charges,

  • May 22
  • Shahdara, Delhi, India

i am making a college project i need help for that project c# with mysql in visual studio. i don't want to learn theory i want to learn by practice. i am looking for online help

  • May 11
  • Jalandhar, Punjab, India
  • $143/month

Hi, i am a graduate student and my major is architecture design. Now a workflow of my design logic needs to be achieved in unity by c#. Can you help me to finish the coding ? thank you !

  • May 8
  • Stapleton House, 277-281 Holloway Rd, London N7 8HN, UK

I need a C# .NET tutor that can help me out with simple tasks on an Integration Project that uses RabbitMQ (message broker) and communicates with different systems (my system is an invoice service called InvoiceNinja). The tasks that I need help with are things like, reading and validating xml files, reading data and sending data in a secure way.

  • May 3
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • $4/hour