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Good wishes. Its great pleasure for me to apply assist
as the chemistry faculty to train the students for JEE/NEET examinations and other chemistry related subjects.

I have done my masters program in chemistry at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati on 2005 after breaking the JAM 2003 and I also qualified GATE 2006 with 90%. More than a...

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My name is Chimezie April, an undergraduate of Yaba college of technology in affiliation with UNN, currently a final year student studying Integrated Science Edu which doesn't mean I have no experience whatsoever, I am currently a part time science teacher at Igbobi College Yaba (ICY), I make use of various teaching method to make an impact on the...

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  • Dr.Sharath N Associate professor, Analytical, organic,inorganic

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Chemistry is wonderful subject with more colourful solution for problem in Earth.
Chemistry is easy subject to learn, once the concept is understood its easy to present in all feild of chemistry.The reaction acid and base leads to salt.same way all chemical reaction are feasible only by donating or accepting of electrons.
The way of presenting...

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I am a postgraduate student in Germany, my specialty is in Nuclear field “that includes Engineering, physics, chemistry and simulation of reactors and accelerators “. I also had a chance to work in Canada at the university of London Ontario for one year. Additionally, I worked at plastic company, as a teaching assistant. Currently, I am enjoying...

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Hi, My Name is Hamza and I have Done Masters in Chemistry, Currently Going Through My MPhil in Chemistry and further on route to Ph.D in Chemistry
I've been working for years as a freelance and to help students for their Assignments, but its my 1st time on
My Teaching style is based on specific methodology structure which improves...

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