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preparations for competitive coding
I have done My M.Tech in Computer science and Engineering from Indraprastha University Delhi . I have total 17 year experience of teaching computer languages and core subjects.
Special experience:
A: Taught subjects Data structures and
algorithms to Indian students studying in

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My educational, teaching & work experience provides me a better understanding of the issues faced by students and colleagues.
I used various different techniques to resolve the student's doubts while teaching.
I taught GATE aspirants who are no-voice members but they follow the approaches given by me and secured a GATE Rank -AIR 60 in his first...

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First thing that describes me the core knowledge of all the computer science subjects of engineering. That is my strength. I done my graduation from GOVT. ENGINEERING COLLEGE, AJMER with 9.75 CGPA. I always teach my student like they know nothing about the topic. That helps all of them to learn in a better way. Im 24×7 available for any doubts of...

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  • 5.0 yr.
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Hi! I am Krishnandu Hazra, currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur and also pursuing Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) in Computer Science & Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Durgapur (NITD), India. I have completed the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering in 2013 from Jalpaiguri...

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Hi, I am an expert in database design, modeling using ER Diagrams, SQL Queries, normalization, DB administration using ORACLE with proven records.
I have expert level expertise in Theory of Automata, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction designs, Project Management, Cyber Risks Management, Cisco Packet Tracer and Network Security...

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  • 8.0 yr.
  • Rajat Saini Computer Science, Python, C/C++,DS&A, TOC,SQL,
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I am here to help you with your ASSIGNMENT/PROJECTs, QUIZ, EXAMS. I have completed in Computer Science Engineering from NIT JAIPUR. I am Google Certified IT Support Specialist. I believe in providing quality work and I am very particular about time. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority.
I do projects/ teaching and solve assignments...

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  • 2.5 yr.
  • Nidhi I am a tutor. I work on both concept and exercises
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I am here to help you with your assignments and exams.

I teach subjects
Data Structure,
Algorithm and Analysis
Computer Networking,
Compiler Design,
Operating System,

I focus on both concepts as well as exercises. Students can't solve all exercises until they understand concepts fully. I always start...

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  • 3.0 yr.
  • Santosh Kumar Assistant Professor (Computer Science & Engineering)
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I have well Experience (More than 9 Years) in Top Engineering College & Coaching Centre in Delhi-NCR, (Online and Live).

I, am Ph.D. (CSE) From IIT, Madras, Chennai, TN, in 2015, M.Tech (CSE) From JNTU, Hyderabad, A.P in 2012 with 1st Class With Dist., MCA From RGPV, Bhopal, M.P in 2010 with 1st Class, & B. E (CSE) From VTU, Belgaum, KA in 2007...

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● Sr Lecturer, Dept of Computer Engineering
● Researcher on Data Science
● 14 years of teaching experience in colleges & universities

◆ Passed out graduates are well placed in the IT industry
◆ Students are scoring high marks in the examinations

*******STUDENT BENEFITS*******
◆ Work on live projects and...

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  • 12.0 yr.
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I am an online tutor for Discrete Mathematics, Theory of Automata, Compiler Design, Engineering Mathematics, Data Structures DBMS, Computer Networks and C, C++, Python Programming, with 6 years of teaching and programming experience.
Provided online sessions to school, college and university students from US, UK, UAE, India and Australia.
I also...

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Hey we are three person, who are from IIT background and we are always be with those students who are always trusting us, we can do many assignments from anywhere in the world, and we have many subjects to be chosen, if you have any doubt on us, trust us and be chosen to perfect timing based works..If you or your friends have further any...

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Hello, Everyone, nice to meet with you all, I am a Computer Architecture Lover, generally I prefer to be a good guide and support for everyone in this computer science or application Field, When I am teaching in all colleges everyone loves me by my teaching techniques. I think you also love me a lot, if you have my study techniques.
I am not so...

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  • 11.5 yr.
Dr. Surendra Kumar Shukla image

Hello All
I am Dr. Shukla and working in the field of Computing for last 20 Years. Having a total of 15 years of teaching experience to teach undergraduate and post-graduate students.
Qualified GATE exam 2 times. Completed PhD. in the area of Multi-core architecture from DAVV University India. Published several research papers in international...

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  • 15.0 yr.
  • Anil Software developer
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I can teach all computer science subjects . I cracked GATE exam multiple times. I can teach C,Java and Python programming languages. I can teach all GATE Computer science subjects(CS/IT). I got placed in Capgemini, Ctrls, vistusa and TCS after my graduation. I can give placement guidance and I can teach Aptitude and reasoning part for placements....

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  • 2.0 yr.
Dr Senthilkumar J image

Hi, this is Dr Senthilkumar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I have around 19 years experience for both teaching and research.

My area of Interest is Data Science Model Design and Development, Intelligent Systems, Data Analytics and Machine Learning with Python Programming Language.

I did my research in the area of Intelligent Teleradiology...

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  • 19.0 yr.
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Hiii....I am an experienced professional with a rich experience of more than 6 years into teaching. My passion for teaching includes Fundamentals of computer science, MS office package, SQL, C, CPP, Python etc.

I consider teaching to be complete only when it is accompanied with satisfaction of the student. I never consider a topic to be...

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  • 6.0 yr.

I am passionate for teaching especially to all ages. I can teach Engineering(CSE) subjects . I can teach programming languages like C, Python, Oracle. My favorite subjects are Graph Theory, Graph Theory and Applications, Data Structures, compiler design . I teach from the basic so that the learners can easily understand the concepts. I am always...

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  • 11.0 yr.
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I am a learner and always want to enhance my skills by learning new things. Teaching is also a great way to learn things.
Recently I taught in college and in university too. I taught a student Design and analysis of Algorithms and result was very effective. since last 2 time she has re-appear but finally with her and my efforts she got passed...

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  • 1.0 yr.
  • Anis Computer Science Engineer
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I am a software engineer by profession with excellent hold on computer science subjects.

I love to teach Theory of Computation, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Computer algorithms, Compiler Construction, Database management system, C, C++, Java, Operating Systems, Computer Networks.

I will be teaching through online mode only and one can...

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I being in teaching profession believe that good teacher is one who succeed in creating the image of concepts ion the brain of learner.
Chalk and talk is traditional and effective teaching aid, but due to availability of modern IT Technologies, other teaching aids like activity, simulation, animation, practical based learning are Prefered by me...

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  • 24.0 yr.