Cyber Security assignment jobs

Wireshark expert with advance level expertise

  • Mar 24
  • Tannery Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Cyber security pen tester

  • Mar 23
  • Old Westbury, NY, USA
  • $40,000/month

I am looking for someone to help me with my assignment on Security issues and solutions mitigating the risks.
1 identify and contextualise two security issues related to the two IoT and two IT security issues relate to the infrastructure. consider aspects related to hardware, software, firmware and protocols
2 Identify an attack scenario related...

  • Mar 23
  • Two Rocks Rd, Two Rocks WA 6037, Australia
  • $10 (Fixed)

I am a college student taking my first computer security class and I need help with binary exploitation where my goal is to elevate privileges to root by exploiting vulnerabilities like string format vulnerability, buffer overflow etc. The levels are considered entry level and I need help solving them. It is due in (around) 48 hours and I...

  • Mar 23
  • Sullivan Residence Hall, 2921 Thurman Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606, USA
  • $17/hour

I am enrolled in a Cybersecurity bootcamp. I have zero experience with computers and programing. so I need a tutor who can tutor me in laymen terms, I presently need assistance with two projects: (1) setting up a virtual computer; (2) Python coding.

  • Mar 22
  • Plano, TX, USA

I have a coursework about applied cryptography
(Design and analysis of crypto solutions for securing a selected networked application.)
Please contact in whatsapp for more information

  • Mar 16
  • Liverpool, UK

I am looking for an network security or cyber security expert experienced in analyzing packets pcap file for malware using pcap file analyzer, Wireshark, or any other tool for packet analysis and provide a report. Kindly inbox for the task .find attached instructions and pcap file for analysis

  • Mar 16
  • Nairobi West, Nairobi, Kenya
  • $23 (Fixed)

I need help with cyber security task

  • Mar 13
  • New Delhi House, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India
  • $121 (Fixed)

Logic Design, Computer Network and Cyber security fundamentals

  • Mar 14
  • Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038, India

I am looking for a Virtual Assistant to assist me with all my IT and cybersecurity needs
Kali Linux
John the Ripper
and Ubuntu

  • Mar 12
  • Edinburgh, UK

Hi, I have an assignement for one of my classes where I have to attack 2 machines on tryhackme ,but I am a beginner in IT so I don't know how to proceed. Please contact me via email . Thank you very much

  • Mar 10
  • Mar 10
  • St. Leonard, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • $11/hour

I am learning how to do Ethical Hacking, and I get stuck sometimes.

  • Mar 11
  • Garibaldi Plaza, Centro, 06010 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • $11/hour

I would require help with technical assessment for junior data analyst positions.
Please whatsapp
Looking for someone who have help me pass the technical assessment genuinely please since it’s my first job and would like to start my career

  • Mar 2
  • Kollam, Kerala, India

Malware analysis test

  • Mar 19
  • Al ShahamaAl Shahama Old - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • $27 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone who has knowledge of Security Engineering(Cyber Security). The topics of the module include
Cryptography, Setting the Scene
Symmetric Key Encryption, AES
Public Key Encryption
Message Auth Codes, Digital Signatures, Entity Auth
Cryptographic Protocols, Key Management
Example Applications of Cryptography:...

  • Feb 23
  • Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • $8/hour

Assignment help required for a presentation regarding networking and cyber security

  • Feb 21
  • Kalubowila, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka