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I used to be a student of Statistics and before that I was excellent in Mathematics. In my student life, I enjoyed learning both the topic and I am thankful to my teachers for their excellence. I am specially expert in explaining different tough topic in a lucid manner with different practical example which helps student not just understand the...

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  • Harpal Singh Assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering Dept

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I am teaching with practical examples so my students have clear idea about topic and its practical implementation so that students can excel their subjects. I dealing with engineering graphics and drawing and Auto Cad 2D 3D from last 13.5 yrs and having very high level of satisfaction record of students.
Operation research is my favourite subject...

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Students are inspired by my teaching methodology.
Basically students are getting scared about Mathematics.
Hence it is my duty to teach this subject in easiest way and at the same time concept wise teaching is more important.
In order to make the students more comfortable I used to describe the recent application areas of the topic.
I have...

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I wish to teach the life science. Maths is in our life. From dad's earnings, mom's savings and till our pocket money all is maths. Maths is in our picnic spot, arrangement of petals of flowers, formation of queues in public areas, seating arrangements, duration they spend etc.. Not only in life even in investigation of deaths too i.e detecting the...

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