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I have done my b-tech from NIT JALANDHAR.
2016 pass out. ESE-2019 MAINS qualified
I followed same methodology as discussed in prestigious coaching institution like IES MASTER, MADE EASY....

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We offer great service for assignment work Homeworks,quiz help,exam help and all Project work.
We deal in all the subjects related to Electrical Engineering and also Electronics & Communication Engineering. Subjects in which we offer great services:-
Subjects are
1.Control Systems (including All Matlab related work)
2.Electric Circuits(all...

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I provide assignmemt and study help services for all engineering courses. Providing exclusive solution and accuracy is my commitment. You can get in touch for need of assistance in homework/quiz/test.
I am serving students worlwide since 4 years and I have a good team for all mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and...

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I have Master degree in Geology, having more than 4 years of experience in tutoring. I provide services in all Geology subjects, Petroleum engineering, Accounting, Finance, Economics and other subjects. I will help you with your online COURSES, ASSIGNMENTS, QUIZ, LABS, EXAMS and tasked assigned to you with guaranteed results. I have handled...

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  • Gibson Freelance writer


I am professional academic writer. I have been doing it academic writing for years now. I am a graduate from the university in Nairobi known as Jomo kenyatta University. I have been an offline and online tutor for more than a decade now.. I am willing to help you out in all assignments whether its business, calculus, trigonometry, business related...

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  • Hassaan Saeed Electrical Engineer, MATLAB, LABVIEW, MULTISIM

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I am an Electrical Engineer with expertise in MATLAB, LABVIEW, Multisim, and other electrical related software. I have been in the teaching profession for the last 4 years and have been providing with solutions both online and offline. I am currently working as a MATLAB and LABVIEW design engineer in a prestigious firm. I am quite confident in all...

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  • Umair Akbar Marketing, Engineering, Finance/ Accounting

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Hello, I'm Umair Akbar from Pakistan. I'm gold medalist in My bachelor's. I have total 7 years experience in teaching. I can do multiple tasks. I have 3 years industrial experience with projects related to PLC and Arduino. I can do projects related to Electrical, Mechanical and Software engineering. I have also done with MBA Marketing as an extra...

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I have 4 year teaching experience in mathematics and civil engineering both subjects. Strength of materials and structure analysis are my favourite subjects. I can assure you for accurate solutions in both civil engineering and mathematics and statistical analysis. I have very good handwriting and very good understanding towards the subject. I can...

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Having completed my mechanical engineering from IIT Roorkee, I started my tutoring career with Chegg Tutors and gained five years experience where I have helped hundreds of students with their academic studies/exams/assignments and had 100% positive reviews.
I am well equipped with students of all engineering subjects. I cooperate with students...

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Want to share knowledge with students. Money is not the only thing that I am looking for.
I am enthusiastic to teach people where I will get opportunity with online
I am a good trainer and passionate to share knowledge that I Have
I am capable of giving training in expert level for most of the programming languages in a real-time approach and...

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I have helped with 200 exams successfully. My teaching style is best described as eclectic. While I am always organized and focused, I vary my instructional methodologies to incorporate diverse activities and material to engage and interest students. When faced with challenges, I succeed in utilizing a variety of strategies to motivate and...

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If you need any assistance to make projects, assignments and quizzes, you can reach me . I have a decent encounter about how to do arrangement and how to allow you to score great in tests . I can give right and on time arrangements since we are numerous guides working simultaneously. Result is ensured, in any case get your cash back.
You will...

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  • Akash Gupta Expert Tutor | Full-Mark | A+ grade | Quality work

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Expert tutor - Subject matter expert to get you A+ grade!
Please reach out for Quiz/Exam/Assignment in Probability & Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering subjects(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning) with an assurance of excellent Score/Grade.
I'm with a team of 30...

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  • Chandra Electrical engineering

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I did electrical and electronics engineering. I have been working as tutor in Chegg from 4 years. I helped students to get the good grades. I am expert in following courses like
1. Electrical circuits
2. Analog circuits
3. Digital electronics
4. Control systems
5. Signals and systems
6. Advanced Digital
7. Electro magnetic fields and...

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* More than 15 years of experience
* Embedded Systems
* Electrical & Electronics Engineer
* Software & Hardware
* Signal Processing
* Microcontrollers (8051, AVR, PIC, ARM, TI (MSP430), Motorola (HCS12) ...)
* Arduino
* Machine Learning
* Data Visualization
* Computer Vision
* Image Processing
* OpenCV
* Robotics
* Android

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  • Ahmed Hasan Mechnical Civil chemical Electrical engineering

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I can help you in:

Homework's, Quizzes, Exams & Project works:
I can help you in completing the Assignments with no plagiarism and I can help you in the Quizzes and in the Main Exams. I can provide the service through various tools available.
We have team of experts with vast academic experience in Phsyics, Chemistry Maths, Electrical,...

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Hi everyone 🤩
I am Ayushi, currently working as an Assistant Professor post in a university.

👉I am a part-time subject matter EXPERT at Chegg.
👉Dedicated and determined!
👉Comfortable in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Physics, Engg Maths.
👉Online tutoring...

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  • Waleed Shah Microcontroller, Microprocessor, Embedded, Power

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Having graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from my Country’s top University, and currently working with a UK Electrical Design Firm has instilled a deep sense of purpose and desire to be a part of society that works to uplift students so they can perform their best in every area of life. I have remained a mentor for my Juniors for the...

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