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* More than 15 years of experience
* Embedded Systems
* Electrical & Electronics Engineer
* Software & Hardware
* Signal Processing
* Microcontrollers (8051, AVR, PIC, ARM, TI (MSP430), Motorola (HCS12), STM32, ...)
* Arduino
* Machine Learning
* Data Visualization
* Computer Vision
* Image Processing
* OpenCV
* Robotics

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About Me
Twenty plus years of industry experience ( US, Canada and India) in the following areas:
- Semiconductor Design (Xilinx and Intel FPGA, ASIC),
- Embedded System Design ( 8051 / PIC / STM32 / TI / ARM microcontroller )
- Algorithm Development
- Matlab
- Python
- Technical research paper writing and plagiarism free work


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Celebrate learning!!!

When basics are good, all good. So giving importance to basics is important in the method of imparting.
When a student learn something useful, that's what matters.
I believe everyone has an unique talent. It is in the hand of tutors to bring best out of them. I emphasis more on basics and allow them to follow their own...

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I am teaching Mathematics, Science and GK to students from class 6th to 10th and biology to 11th and 12th class for the last 3-4 years. I had started teaching because it was one of my passions. Teaching gives me a sense of satisfaction particularly when students appreciate you of your teaching skills. As a teacher I always make sure that the...

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I'm an embedded systems engineer and a product developer having more than 6 years of experience focused on middleware for developing and producing end customer products & solutions. My Professional efficiency is in embedded systems, the Internet of things & integrating various tools to provide customers with a valuable product.

As a freelancer,...

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I am an M.Tech graduate from one of the top institutes in India. My area of specialisation is power electronics. I have in-depth knowledge in modelling and simulation of electrical systems in MATLAB and PSpice. Other areas of my expertise include electronics, engineering mathematics, electrical machine design, embedded systems and PCB routing. I...

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  • Syed Suhail Lecturer /Electronics,Microcontroller,Embedded sys
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i am working as a lecturer in polytechnic college from last 10 years in electronics and telecommunication department.i have taught basic electronics,linear integrated circuits and micro controller 8051 to diploma students.
last maharashtra state board of technical education exam result of my subject is 100 % and 60% students secure more than...

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Hi, meet me, I'm Imran, a Mechatronics and Control Engineer. I have been offering my various cross-domain services on Upwork for 2 years. My specialization in Robotics and Embedded systems gives me an edge to be able to work in various inter-linked fields.
If you are looking for someone to do:

1) Electronics and Embedded-systems design. (AVR...

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ALL SUBJECT OF Electrical and Electronics ENGINEERING...
Masters in Digital System Design
Bachelors of Technology in Electrical and Communication Engineering

More than 10 Year experience of Microprocessor & Microcontrollers
More than 10 Years teaching experience.
Experience of solving the assignments and lab reports.
One year teaching...

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"With Hard Work and Dedication, Everything Is Possible".

I am an Electromechanical engineer specializing in Mechatronics, Robotics,Robotics software, embedded systems,Computer vision,electronics, sensor integration, power electronics. Skilled in design, prototyping, and testing software and hardware systems.

Committed to work as a...

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  • Abrar Electrical Engineer
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Tutor with 4+ years of working experience with Harvard Business School (HBS), NUST Islamabad, and University of Sharjah, UAE. Besides professional experience, hired by student families to provide online academic tutoring, instructional support, homework assistance, and Exam prep after school.

- Customized tutoring and instructional approaches...

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  • Manu Embedded system engineer

Designing PCB designing micro controllers etc also various communication technology is like you are I to see SBI dlms various controllers like 8051 AVR MSP 430 metering ADC . Basics of electronics and Emirates systems controller architectures various method of programming CC plus plus assembly interrupt handling interrupt routine timer you are...

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Here you can go through my profile........

Work Experience---

Firmware Engineer
Frontier Semiconductor Bangladesh Ltd.
May 2021 to present

Experiences - STM32, VFD Integration, Telnet, Ethernet
● R-Theta robot (Wafer handling robot system) development.
● Optical encoder driver development.
● Wafer aligner system...

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I am Brahmaiah
having 10 years of Academic activity (Teaching) both offline/online (Microprocessors and Microcontrollers,Digital Electronics, Embedded Systems, Pulse and Digital Circuits and Analog electronic circuits) experience in reputed Engineering colleges. I have 8 years of Research activity (research like innovation of new things,...

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  • Prasanna Assistant Professor, M.Tech ( Embedded System)

Hi, I am prasanna having 1.5 years of experience in industry and 11 years of experience in teaching feild.
i taught Embedded system theory concepts
Digital logic design/ switching theory and logic design,digital electronics.
i taught electronic devices and circuits lab, embedded...

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I taught various subjects can explain subjects in detail and my teaching methodology is different,i explain the subjects as per student mentality if the student is telugu mediam or English medium iam ready explain the subject in detail with some topics with real time examples .if students want one more time explanation on same subject I can...

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  • 10.0 yr.

Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate
classes in Digital System Design, Microwave engineering, Antenna Wave Propagation, Field theory, logic design,
Computer Organisation, Electromagnetic fields, Electromagnetic wave, and Transmission lines, Switching theory
and logic design, Microprocessors, and DSP-Architecture, Electronic Circuits, VLSI...

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16 years experience in embedded systems and embedded linux
• Software programing experience using C and ARM assembly language.
• Experience in developing BSP for ARM processors.
• Board bring up and porting of Linux kernel and U-boot to new ARM boards with single/multi cores.
• Hands on FreeRTOS.
• Worked on ARMv7, ARMv8 A & M...

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The directing style promotes learning through listening and following directions. ...
The discussing style promotes learning through interaction. ...
The delegating style promotes learning through empowerment. ...
Use an appropriate mix of each teaching style

Making Connections. ...
Increased Autonomy. ...

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I'm an Electronics Engineer with expertise in the domains of Embedded Systems and IoT. Have experience working at prestigious organizations such as the Indian Institute of Sciences(IISc) and Pathpartner Technology.
I have worked on multiple projects in the above mentioned domains and also have guided/mentored others for the same.
I'm willing to...

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