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I am an Electrical Electronics Engineer with 5 years industrial experience. I Have been also Teaching physics & Engineering Mathematics for 5 years. My Aim is to eradicate fear of Mathematics and Engineering solutions,
Linear algebra, Numerical Analysis,differential equations, Mechanics, control system, electrical and Electronics circuit...

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Teaching is a job that demands huge patience, with a love of learning and a love of learners. A teacher should be able to build a love for learning and bring the learners to experience this. I also strongly believe that a good teacher can simplify complex concepts. This involves a continuous process of mutually cultivating a healthy habit of...

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  • Ramesh Senior subject matter expert-Electrical and Maths
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Present working experience with teacheron:
Worked assignments ( without plagiarism) in FUNDAMENTALS OF CIRCUIT ANALYSIS I and FUNDAMENTALS OF CIRCUIT ANALYSIS II it will be checked with a plagscan tool before send to you), for live quizzes and exams, I will be available in 24×7 basis. I can stay along with you in online, while taking live tests...

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