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Hi, This is Jignesh Gada from Mumbai.
I have completed My Master in Economics from Mumbai University and have been Pursuing CFA (3rd Level)

I am currently associated with a joint stock company and working as subject matter expert and content developer for economics

I have online teaching Experience and associated with some premium...

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I am shakahi Chaudhary. I have understand student's needs. I can create a comfortable learning environment for students. I have easily get involve with students. I have good explanation skills. I make it very easy for the students by connecting the concept with real life. I consider it better for students to read through PPT presentation. Daily...

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I am PhD and post doc fellow in the subject of Economic/environmental Economics/energy Economics and Development economics. I have ten years of teaching and research experience. I have published more than 40 international papers, and one book chapter. I am also the editor of different economic and energy journals of well reputed publisher. I am...

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i can teach online with a rough page and pen for understanding the concept. i will in a very simple way so that students may grab concepts easily. Furthermore, i have studied Applied economics from IMsciences, Peshawar and MPhil in Economics from the prestigious institute in Pakistan i.e, PIDE. my results are the following, i have secured 78...

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I am a teaching assistant of economics at a well-known university.

I have many experiences in both academic and social work.
Skills that are obtained allow me to be dedicated to missions which are assigned to me.

I can help with teaching, assignments,and research projects.

Here are the main points in teaching strategy:
*Try to simplify...

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I am an IIT undergraduate with fair knowledge about how to crack competitive exams. I have taught for over 2 yrs before I joined college and 2 yrs after I have joined college. I am very methodological in my approach towards the problem and...

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Hi, I am Shubham Khandelwal, a post graduate in Economics. My interest areas include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Economic Growth and Development and Econometrics. I would love to help anyone requiring any kind of support in the above subjects.
I teach every concept right from the basics so that my students can get a...

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Usually I am interested to teach the students who want to learn from the basic. Further, my aim is to teach the low profile students. My methodology is, teach a single concept in different methods. This is based on the capacity and capability of the students. Strongly I feel rather than teach the brilliant students, it is the duty of the teacher...

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