Foundation Engineering assignment tutors

  • Applycv Engineering Mechanics and Mathemtics.

Core experience:
*Mechanical Engineering.
*Engineering mechanics applied to variety of disciplines.
*Theoretical, Applied Mechanics.
*Structural Mechanics / Mechanics of Solids.
*Machine Design.
*Finite Element Analysis, applied to mechanical and structural engineering.

Core experience:
*Mechanical Engineering.

  • Malaysia
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Ejaz Ahmad Faizi image

Hello dear students! Are you tired from scammers and looking for some competent,hard working,reliable,trustworthy and result oriented teachers?I'm Dr Ahmad from University of Engineering and technology Lahore Pakistan and I'm working with more than 2000+ international students who are connected with me permanently. I have a team with my three...

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Raja Wajahat Zahoor Khan image

Hi, It’s Engr. Raja Wajahat Zahoor (Expert in Civil & Structural Engineering, IELTS, GRE, English Communication, and Writing) welcomes you to my profile as you have landed at the right spot. Teaching has always been my passion and I have been doing this for a long time. By accessing the psychology of students and motivating them I adopt smart...

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  • Aravinth CIVIL Engineering Subject matter Expert
Aravinth image

Hello students and learners !!
If you need any help to study for exam assignments, live sessions, and quizzes then you can contact me anytime.
Do You need help in;
--> Assignments
--> Projects
--> Tutorials
--> Homework
--> Labs
--> Exams
✍ I have good experience of 9 years in online teaching and with past experience, I can...

  • India
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Zeeshan Akbar image

Welcome, Dear Student!!!
It's Prof. Zeeshan here.
If you are searching for help in subjects of Civil Engineering then, you are with the right person. As I am doing a Ph.D. in Advanced Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering in Pakistan.
I can assist you in doing your:
❶ Assignments
(I have solved 500+ assignments for different subjects of...

  • Pakistan
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Bharat Rattan image

Bharat Rattan
Ph.D. Scholar
Geotechnical engineering
IIT Guwahati
I observed Good teachers will find a way to get more interested in what they are teaching and to make things more interesting for their students. It requires a little more work, a little more imagination, and maybe even a little acting ability. The best teachers make learning...

  • Kuwait
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U will feel most comFortable with me...Jus get the basics in the subject you want to learn.. U will grow up every day in your skils... I never teach you the way you get thought in your school or college or university...As a student I know the pulse of every student I've taught jus need a good mutual understanding between student and a...

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Vivek Kumar image

I always love to teach in a simple language. Never try to brag things. Just start from basic and teach them to be the expert. The student should be motivated enough to learn the things. If any student do not have the prerequisite knowledge of any subject, i would like to make him learn that first. I would love to help the students with their...

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Mohamed Wael image

About me:
*Civil Engineering Student(Cairo University)
*Ambitious about teaching and tutoring younger students
*Fluent at both English and Arabic
*Enrolled in 12 UCMAS Advanced Mathematical Courses
*Accountant at MANIKADA Sweden Fashion (2016-2019)
*Structural Engineer at UNITED ENGINEERS (2020 may-now)

Teaching Technique:

  • Egypt
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  • 3.0 yr.
Ujjwal Singh image

I have expertise in mechanical engineering subjects
Expertise in Mechanical Engireering subjects such as Strenght of Material,fluid Mechanics,Thermodynamics, Heat trasnfer, Engineering Mechanics,Refrigeration,Engineering...

  • India
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Aman Kumar Gupta image

I have been tutoring online for past 2 years. Teaching and helping students is my passion. Be it exam, assignment, homework, project or any other doubt - I believe a bit of you and a lot of me can solve anything.
--I can teach and guide in subjects like Civil Engineering, Maths, Physics, English and a bit of economics too. Even for any other...

  • India
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  • 2.0 yr.
Uzair Ahmad Rana image

If you need help in any subject related to Civil Engineering. Do contact me to get your work done in a professional way.

As a professional and qualified civil engineer, I will offer my service to clients with my extensive knowledge. I can help you in the following subjects: Structural Engineering Soil Mechanic Foundation Engineering...

  • Italy
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Aquib Amin image

Professionally, I am a civil engineer currently working as a site engineer at Humzia Construction Company, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India.
I manage and control all the aspects of construction work at a bridge construction site.
I have in depth knowledge of steel and concrete technology. I am well versed with soil mechanics and geotechnical...

  • Srinagar
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  • 4.0 yr.

I have good foundation knowledge on subjects related to Civil Engineering.
Need to learn any topic in Civil Engineering, I will be the wright person to assist you.

I have good knowledge in Civil Engineering software's, AutoCAD, Staad.Pro, Etabs, Opensees, Seismostruct, MatLAB etc. Apart from this, I can also help on teaching / solving...

  • United Arab Emirates
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  • Anuj Pawar Geotechnical Engineering Assistant Prof

I am Anuj Pawar completed my MTech in Construction Management and pursuing my PhD in Geotechnical Engineering. I have teaching experience of 6 years. since from last 2 years I am teaching on online mode also.
I have good command on Geotechnical Engineering, Environment Engineering, Surveying, Construction Management, Water resources and Fluid...

  • India
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Indrajeet Singh image

Teaching Assistance | Assignment | Homework | Exam Help |

working experience of 6.5 years as a civil engineering expert.

Any Civil engineering subject up-to graduation level,feel free to contact me for your assignments, quizzes etc. I have a good experience about how to deal and how to let you score good in exams.
You can get in touch...

  • India
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  • 6.5 yr.
Pawan Kumar Gupta image

Currently, I am working as an Assistant professor in civil engineering department from three years in a govt engineering college of India. I have also qualified written exam of state engineering services of civil engineering, DMRC,Isro scientist engineer and some of state exams for assistant engineer. I have thoroughly enjoyed the aptitude, civil...

  • India
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Satya Prakash Singh image

Hello! Guys, I am S.P. Sir . I have 16 year experience as Mathematics Teacher . My prime motive, is to teach maths in a simple, effective and interesting way which will help you to remove your fear of maths, and help you to improve and enhance your knowledge of maths.
My Teaching methods of mathematics include lecture, inductive, deductive,...

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  • 17.0 yr.

I have more than 10+ years of teaching experience for undergraduate students, also having 3 years of online teaching experience and more than 5 years of teaching for Competitive exams like GATE, PSU etc
I have completed my post graduation from IIT Bombay, I am also working towards sustainable development goals
I am expert in Geotechnical...

  • India
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  • 10.0 yr.

I have got 12 years of academic experience in the premier institute. I am having expertise in the field of geotechnical engineering, surveying, foundation engineering, soil mechanics, etc. I have successfully guided 80 projects in Civil Engineering and have an inclination towards research and analysis. I have published several research papers in...

  • India
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  • 12.0 yr.