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Hello dear students! Are you looking for some competent,hard working,reliable,trustworthy and result oriented teachers?I'm Dr Ahmad from University of Engineering and technology Lahore Pakistan and I'm working with more than 2000+ international students who are connected with me permanently. I have a team with my three sisters who are proficient...

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Hello students!! I have working experience of 19 years in assignment and live study help . I provide services for all mechanical engineering, economics engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical courses,. I have a team of experts for all subjects and for each task we assure you A+ grade.
I have been providing my services...

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Having completed my mechanical engineering from IIT Roorkee, I started my tutoring career with Chegg Tutors and gained five years experience where I have helped hundreds of students with their academic studies/exams/assignments and had 100% positive reviews.
I am well equipped with students of all engineering subjects. I cooperate with students...

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My name is Abrar Ahemed Arshi. I am from India i have good experience in Teaching and construction work nearly 10 years also i have masters degree in CAD.
I have given service in Oman also of 04 years in ibri vocational college as a Mechanical Instructor befor that my work experience is in India thats of 06 years.
Now currently i am looking for...

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Do you need classes?
Do you need help in your Quiz, Assignment or Exam?
If "YES" then you are at right place.
We are providing for all grades and subjects with highly qualified Experts. We are also solving your problems, assignments quizzes and FYP.
If you need any kind of help then contact us.

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  • Aashu 15+ teachin exp& PhD in Mechanical Engineering

* Fee will be taken only if satisfied with my teaching or project/assignment guidance.

My Profile:
• Qualification: BTech, MTech & PhD degrees obtained from reputed government universities of India in Mechanical Engineering with decent GATE score.

• Experience: 15+ years of continuous teaching experience in Mechanical Engineering from...

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I am an expert in solving problems related to chemical engineering having experience of six years of online teaching. Currently pursuing my Masters in Environmental Engineering from NIT Surat. I am a topper of my college. Gate qualified with good rank. You can contact me for any problems u face in any subject of chemical engineering. I have plant...

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  • Vamshi CHEMICAL engg. IIT Guwahati/EXAM help,Assign,Quiz

| Assignment | Exam Help | Quiz | Teaching Assistance | Homework | MS Office, Excel, Word |IIT/JEE MAINS | CHEMICAL ENGINEERING | Available 24/7
I am a passionate teacher. Contact me if you want dependable, cost-effective coaching. I have four years of teaching experience. I'm a graduate of chemical engineering from IIT Guwahati.
I'm a qualified...

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I have 6 year teaching experience. I am working with teacheron from last 2 years and I have helped to more than 400+ student globally through teacheron in their exams, project work, lab work, assignments, content writing and thesis work. My all these students are satisfied with my work.
I have got 99 percentile in GATE 2015 examination. So, I can...

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I am an Engineer specialized in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. I have completed B.Sc.Eng. degree (2009) and M.Phil. degree (2015) and reading for D.Eng. (Doctor of Engineering) degree (since 2016) at Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna.
Currently, I am working as a Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.) Candidate at the Faculty of...

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  • Hassan Kotb Cfd, Fluid dynamics, Heat transfer, Thermodynamic

I am a Phd Mechanical engineer who has hands of experience on computational Fluid dynamics (CFD), Heat and Mass, Thermodynamic and fluid mechanics. I am an expert user of ANSYS CFD and Solidworks. I am working as a lecturer and researcher. I know how to deliver the information to the beginners and improve their performance in order to make them...

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I have done bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur and master degree in manufacturing engineering from Indian Institute of technology, Kharagpur. I am working as expert in chegg. I break the concept into Small fragments which help Students a lot to understand the depth of concept more accurately...

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I am a graduate in chemical engineering from one of the top premier institutions in India. I have cleared GATE and JEE with top scores. Being an expert in I have helped a lot of students by guiding them through different exams. I believe that learning basics makes your subject strong and therefore I focus on the basics. Along with it, relating...

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Hello students,
I have more than 6 years experience in the fields of online teaching making ASSIGNMENT and live Study help.
Also I have cleared GATE Examination four times with good score...
I provide nearly all Engineering subjects, management subjects, Physics, chemistry, mathematics, calculus...

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  • Karim Chemical Engineering
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Hello 👋
I am a chemical engineer and i am working as a teaching assistant in the university and discussing subjected related to chemical engineering.
I will make you know how to think, How to solve any problem by depending on your self and i will help you to be not only clever on your own courses but also i will teach you how to be creative and...

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I am a professional online teacher for every subject related to the mechanical engineering for last 5 years
I worked on different online platforms and many other direct clients from different countries including USA, CANADA, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, KUWAIT. I done bachelors and masters in mechanical engineering with sepcial expertise on...

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Hi! Babur is a diligent teacher and work for the betterment of the students both in academics and in social life. He has current ten years of teaching experience in all formats from higher school to graduation.
He can assist you in all Mechatronics subjects. Some are given below;
1) Introduction to Mechatronics
2) Mechatronics System Design...

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  • Vinod Kumar Chemical & Environment engineering expert
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We provide help in many subjects and topics as follows:
Chemical engineering Topics:
A) Heat transfer
B) Mass Transfer
C) Material Balance
D) Engineering Economics
E) Engineering Ethics
F)Chemical Safety
G) Chemical Reaction Engineering
H) Heat Exchanger design
I) Hydraulic Calculation
J) Petroleum Engineering

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My name is Pankaj Kumar Saini, I've recently completed Post Graduation (Masters of Technology) in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. I have done Graduation (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati.

I have a Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering...

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  • Rrs005 ⭐ Expert tutor ⭐
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