IIT JEE Inorganic Chemistry assignment tutors

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1.I have produced all India rank 9,19,42,91,104,242 and many more in IIT/NEET/KVPY/MHCET
2. If chemistry is hurdle in your Success, I can assure you that Chemistry will be very easy for you.
3. I have good DPP and study material which can give you confidence in preparation
4. I will take online test and gives notes of every topic.
5. Any day...

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Chemistry is always an area of discussion among students. Most of them find it difficult as there is common disbelief that it's a subject to cram and little logic. To some extent it seems to be true as nothing can be imagined beyond A small DOT. Can you imagine something smaller than that?
Here is the beginning.

Sanjay K Thakur sir, takes the...

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Dear Students / Parents,
This is Ajay Pratap (an alumnus of IIT Delhi) from Group Eleven Classes. I take Chemistry classes for IIT-JEE / NEET. I have 11 years of teaching experience. I am more comfortable for online classes but I also take home tuition in Delhi/NCR regions. I am also running a new generation coaching Institute (Group Eleven...

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I, Dr. Sutanu Kapri, completed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemical Sciences from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Kolkata, one of the best Institiute in India.

I have mentoring students for competitive exam like JEE Mains/Advanced, NEET, and board exam like IB CHEMISTRY SL/HL, Cambridge board AS/A, AP level, CBSE, ICSE,...

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I have 15 year teaching experience in Chemistry so I will be able to clear your doubts very easily and guide you in this subject with my experience. I can teach inorganic, organic and physical chemistry . I know the pattern of paper of most of competition exam like NET, IIT JEE,PMT, CBSE(11,12 grade).I don’t recommend any student to learn without...

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1. Chemistry teacher
2. Work experience - 6 yrs
3. Worked with akash career Institute and bansal classes kota
4. Expert in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry
5. We'll manage time according to your satisfaction and my availability. We can discuss time accordingly
6. Ready to give a single demo if you want to check whether you are...

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  • Talim Khan Assignment help, SME, Lab report for Chemistry
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An IIT grad. currently pursuing Masters in Chemistry.
I have completed my Bachelor from University of Mumbai.
I have a deep and through knowledge of Chemistry subject, and have qualified several exams such as,
MH-CET 2016
IIT-JAM 2019, IIT-JAM 2020
I was also selected for
IISER-Mohali int.PhD test+interview for 2019,...

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  • Arpit Gupta Specialisation in physical, Organic, Inorganic

Help in homework/assignment/pre-quiz/pre-test/lab assignment. My Knowledge of organically chemistry laboratory to assist in Data handling of spectroscopy as well as in product determination.
Basic Units, Formula learning can make easy to calculate answer of physical chemistry, minimal requirement from my side to learn formula only unit...

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I am an excellent teaching profession and mentor of Chemistry for higher secondary students and can train the aspirants of all India medical (NEET) and Engineering (IIT-JEE) students to be qualified for the entrance exams

I am expertise in subject and can teach all basic of inorganic chemistry concepts on periodic tables, s-block, p-block,...

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If you are looking for the BEST Mentor in Chemistry then your search ends here. You will be provided :
- Best quality of IIT JEE training at your desktop / laptop/ mobile set.
- Ultimate concept clarity by inculcating problem solving ability and out of box thinking approach.
- Online teaching with 1-to-1 mentor support.
- Advanced and Main...

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Hey Dear Students
Are you looking to get A+ in Organic Chemistry
Ans: Yes
Then you are at the right place
I can help you with organic chemistry to get A+ in quizzes, Assignment, Exams preparation help
I am Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry
I have an A+ grade in chemistry But basically helping for organic chemistry in I have the ability to get full...

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Hey there!
We at teachigh.com are looking for students interested in becoming a campus ambassador for our brand (t/e/a/c/h/h/i/g/h/./c/o/m/)

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You will get straight 50% monetary profit share on whatever business we generate with your help.

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I have completed ny graduated from B.U and completed my M.sc from presidency university.Now, i am doing research in IACS.. I would love to make stufent understand the core of the subject so that they can do any prbolem ..I would also like to take exams at regular inrerval ..I will also give you a variety of questions and their solution. I have...

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  • Karan IITJEE chemistry Mains/Advanced
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I' ve completed my graduation in chemical Engineering from IIT-BHU, Varanasi. After Graduation i'm teaching and prepare students to crack one of the toughest competitive exam of India.
I teach chemistry( JEE Mains + Advanced ) to students in a way that they don't panic while giving the exams and solve any type of chemistry question which come to...

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Ex- Senior Chemistry faculty for JEE and NEET.
Bansal Classes Kota. 100℅ satisfaction with teaching and learning. You will definitely enjoy your learning, Doesn't matter what you know or not. I will teach you how to think, how to solve the questions in minimum time limit. You will study first the theory by me after getting satisfaction on theory...

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Dear students,
-I have mentored 10000+ IIT jee and NEET aspirants
-Teaching experience of 11 years including the Most Prestigious institutes of India including
-CURRENTLY teaching on AMAZON ACADEMY as organic and inorganic Faculty for IIT JEE and...

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I pursued my master's from IIT Jodhpur with good CGPA. I have three years teaching experience as well as one year research experience. I worked on the anti-canceral drugs. The methodology of teaching style from basic to higher and higher for Neet and JEE mains and advance which is asked in the examination in proper way I know that for clear what...

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Teaching is my passion and I teach in a very soft approach and finally, I give a deep insight on the topic. I usually set some questions after each class and problems are arranged in a unique manner so that students can understand the topic step by step. As a result, he/she will gather self-confidence and this can help in the long run. When I...

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I am a chemistry Lecturer and I have been teaching chemistry to CBSE,ICSE, JEE/NEET students from the last 12 years . I am teaching online as well from the last five years.
JEE/NEET/SAT/MCAT/BITSAT/AP/IB/A/AS-LEVEL/IGCSE CHEMISTRY classes on skype and online white board. you will get video recording of the whole session so that you can replay it...

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We Provide All India & Abroad Online 1-12th, Graduation, Competition level Subjects, diploma/ language courses etc. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE& IB.
Our teachers are expertise and have extensive knowledge in their relevant teaching field.
Result Oriented Study
Personal Attention
Through tests
Through sample papers
We are based at...

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