Image Processing assignment jobs

Hello, My name is Utkarsh Patel. I need your help in image processing using opencv in python. I need to stich images using SIFT. Can you help me ? please contact me ASAP.

  • Feb 20
  • Lowell, MA, USA

Hello. I need help for Medical Image Processing in Matlab. I have some of the assignments in this subject, If we can come to a deal, I will pay affordable money for that, Thanks

  • Feb 15
  • Aberdeen, UK

Problem related to image processing. Looking for a Home tutor and Online tutor is also fine.

  • Feb 13
  • Feb 12
  • Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • $14/month

I’m looking for a programmer for OpenGL and c . I prefer online

  • Feb 17
  • Bournemouth Station (Stand A), Bournemouth BH8 8DL, UK

Open CV knowledge and Python to do template matching, connected component analysis, morphological filters etc. Contact me on WhatsApp. Thanks

  • Jan 24
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • $34 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone in experience with Automata Theory of Computation to do assignments. Please contact me by WhatsApp, thanks.

  • Jan 23
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • $34 (Fixed)

Finger print quality metric analysis

A project in IMAGE PROCESSING in C++ to be done in 2 days

Very urgent, please contact soon

  • Jan 18
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • $70 (Fixed)