Image Processing assignment jobs

i need image processing learning using MATLAB specially in Computer vision i can learn online also

  • Mar 25
  • Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Good morning,

I am looking for a teacher that has experience in image processing, that could help me in a project that consists on programming a component tree graph : max tree graph in Python.

The main goal is to program a max-tree graph applied to a gray-scale volume.

I propose 20 euros / hour for teaching fee. Please, let me know if...

  • Feb 27
  • Paris, France
  • $23/hour

In this assignment, you will re-use the project files given to you in the lab class and implement a 100m straight race executed by one or two players using a GLUT window. The first player may have a green bunny model while the second player may have a blue bunny model.

  • Mar 28
  • Cardiff, UK

I have a coursework in OpenCL and I need your help ASAP . Could you please reply if you’re interested.

  • Mar 24
  • Bournemouth, UK

Need help with an openGL assignment. Has to be done by Friday

  • Mar 6
  • Oakville, ON, Canada
  • $75 (Fixed)