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  • Rajat Bose C,Java,Python,JavaScript Full Stack Development

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I am teaching programming fully based on practical 100% job oriented and all courses are design as per international industrial standard. All notes I generally share in form of ppt, pdf, email, skype or in video format also share url for mcq test helping students for performance testing. I have lots of practice example program those help you in...

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Hi! I have been working with Java for more than a year and I have made a few applications and I'm currently working on Javascript and Node.js and also made a few web apps.
I love teaching what I know to all those who need.
I like to teach more of Practically where I just give you a theory introduction and then show who it works along with doubt...

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Teaching Is My Passion,
I feel better when any body got the logic fine mean i catch the student when he feels uncomfortable with topic.
I gives him/her new real life examples to get him understand.
this my only strategy.
I always work on Logic instead of Spoon Feeding.
Your Knowledge is my almost motto if you want to burn with me in the same...

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Hy my name is Aman and i have great experience in JAVA projects development and Data Structures as well.

Contact me at: a4amanthakur at gmail dot com.
Thank you


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i am shweta . i am a software developer since last 3 yrs . i have experience in teaching which is online teaching . my contact no : ******** email: ****** .
my teaching style is very different because i am going to depth of topic to understand as well if they cant understand then i giving a live example to modify and...

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A] Coach/Trainer:- Mr. Vasim Mulla- ME Electronics and IIT Kharagpur Certified Programmer in Java, coaching/teaching students worldwide.

B] Subject matter expert:- Expert Tutor in:- Arduino, Java, Python, Computer Architecture, C, C++ programming, Operating System etc,

C] Development and knowledge transfer Approach for Students:-

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Can teach a student with very basic/no knowledge of Technology/language.
I believe in combination of logical and technical skills.
As i have very good industrial experience will try to teach student as much as i can in industrial perspective.
I know about the code quality which is mandatory in industry, So i can teach that too. Have plenty...

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I'm Anuj, professionally a full-time software engineer, and a part-time tutor with 3) having experience in web/mobile applications development and in java/python/android/iOS tutoring, I'm pretty good in tutoring and have a unique method to teach.

I can teach from beginner level to expert level, also I can teach those people too...

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Dear parent/student,
Are you aspiring to learn JAVA? Or looking for help to understand and execute assignments?
I am ready to help. As a JAVA expert, I can explain myself as below:
1) Deep understanding in JAVA and all other mentioned concepts
2) Expert in programming
3) Thorough professional
4) 100% responsible and reliable
5) A 15-year...

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YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!! GIVE A TRY....Being a lecturer I analyzed most of the engineering students(csc) fails in coding, just because you think its really hard and only experts can do. A BIG NO TO THAT. Show me your interests and i will make you a coder, no matter how slower you are in learning. I have placed so many students in top companies....

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  • 3.5 yr.