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“ A Good Teacher Changes Lives”, I believe in first of all building a friendly relation with my student and understanding what are his/her strengths and weaknesses. I make sure that the student is taught from roots of the topic so that the concepts are strongly built . I teach in a fun loving interactive way so that the interest of the student is...

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B.Tech in Mechanical from IIT Varanasi
Ex-faculty Ex-Navodayan Foundation
41(2018/19/20) of my students selected in JEE Advanced
90(2018/19/20) of my students selected in JEE Mains
7 of my students selected in NEET

Personal List of Achievements

#Making learning a...

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I had good experience in teaching for competitive exams for both engineering and medical entrance exams.
My teaching will be from simple to complex, I had good analysing and explaining skills in physics numericals.I can explain the concepts with good examples and I can improve the confidence level of student.
In my experience,every year minimum...

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  • Rahul S Mathematics and Physics

If you have gone through my profile and you are looking for the X Factor all I can say is start with a demonstration class. Let us have an interaction and if you are happy/thrilled by my demo lecture then we can start and if not then perhaps I would want you to point out my mistakes/drawbacks. I would appreciate your review/constructive criticism....

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1.Last year my students selected in Jadavpur University (Mechanical Engineering)
2."If you find science boaring, you're learning it from wrong teacher"...Richard Feynman
3.My teaching way with practical example makes me great teacher ...
4.I have also a JEE coaching in garia.
5.50%fee will be back if aspirant will not selected in govmnt...

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  • Anmol Bhargava Physics lover!Will try my best to make you one too
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○ From my past experiences, I know alot of students find Physics a bit tough subject, for some it might be a nightmare. Hence I get down students' level and teach them in lucid manner.

○All the time, my approach is to develop analytical approach in them so that they can use their own intellect (rather than just cramming the concepts), which is...

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(First Demo-Session is free of charge) . You can learn to crack the most difficult exams with an IITian himself. From a lot of teaching experience, I have realized that in a batch of 50 students it is impossible for some students to keep up with the pace. Sometimes these high end coaching institute can't provide you with the appropriate level of...

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I am patient tutor I can teach patiently for dull average students

I can help them to increase their grades and so students like me because of my calmness

I can assure a higher grade for your kid so far I have guided more than 75 students in my teaching span and even the dullest student got higher grade.

I can give you a demo class...

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Hello students. I teach physics for preparation for JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. I have cracked both the exams myself and graduated from NIT Warangal. During my college days, I have mentored students of 11th 12th, and repeaters batch for the JEE exam and one of them has secured a seat in IIT Delhi Mechanical. Also one of my students has secured AIR...

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  • 3.0 yr.
  • Srijan Bansal Student at IIT Bombay with experience in teaching

To crack IIT, isn't it better to understand the concepts from one who has already done it.
I have taught students of IIT Bombay their college courses and will be happy to help people and guide their ways into IIT.
Some achievements of mine are -
AIR 520 in JEE Advance
AIR 235 in JEE Mains
94.8% in 12th CBSE Board
KVPY scholar for two...

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"Teaching is focused on imparting knowledge and learning, where the teacher is in charge of the interaction. It has little to do with the student as an individual. Where as Coaching is centered around the student. Coaches focus on the overall development and guidance of students. In conclusion, I am more of coach than a teacher. "
Unique Teaching...

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I am Sreenath K Physics IITJEE/NEET teacher with 5 years of experience. Being Mastered from IIT BOMBAY Mechanical Energy developed own way not only to crack a exam but to Top in any competitive exam. Understanding Physics is actually a turning point in everyone's life and so let it me who will be going to give insights of physics compared...

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I am a Master's student in the Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Madras. I have 5 years experience in teaching Physics and creating learning materials related to entrance exams. With the experience of clearing National level entrance exams (IIT JAM 2016 and GATE 2021) with All India Rank and Olympiads I am waiting to share my...

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Myself Ankan Chakraborty, I am a student of IIT Bombay doing PhD in Civil Engineering. I am more familiar in Online tuition in Zoom or like other platforms. I give most importance in understanding the topics. Along with the theory, I give lots of emphasis in the numerical and try my best to make the student understand the link between the theory...

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I'm expert in teaching neet UG and jee for plus 1 plus 2 standards
Many of my students in various medical Colleges and Nit
In my experience I produced lot of ranks in medical and engineering wing
I worked in different corporate sector like SRI Chaitanya andrapradesh
And Narayana IIT and jee academy Chennai
Velammal vidhya shram Chennai

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PHYSICS is not a subject in which merely memorizing up formulas or numericals is going to help anyone. Concepts must be clear at every micro level so that you can apply it while doing good numericals. Here i can assure you that after taking PHYSICS classes from me you can apply any concept easily to any level of question.
PHYSICS is my passion...

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Let's make Physics fun. Contact for DEMO
Your learning according to your understanding.
Working with the top coaching institute for NEET and IITJEE.
I have an experience with all leading coaching institutes.
Teaching is my passion, I believe in nurturing the students, building the learning on strong foundation of concept clarity.
All my...

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I did Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering ( DTU).
I am expert in teaching physics.
I teach physics for school and competition level.
Class 11th, 12th, JEE, NEET and other exams.
I am having 11 years of experience.
I taught in prestigious institutes like Aakash and Vidyamandir Classes.
I can teach online, offline.

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An ex-jadavpur University student, working as Product Engineer, ready to give online and offline Physics classes all levels preferably IIT-JEE, NEET and Foundation courses. Now I am associated with Tata group as medical devices developer. I have 5 years of teaching experience in reputed institutions like Ignited minds, Resonance etc.


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I teach physics for IIT JEE. It is an engineering entrance exam conducted for admission to various engineering colleges in India.

I teach mechanics, thermal physics, fluid mechanics, properties of matter, waves, electricity and magnetism, geometrical optics, wave optics, modern physics and signals and systems

My teaching methodolgy is...

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