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* Creation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models on the platforms like NLP, CNN using Python, TensorFlow, Keras and Pytorch framework
* Consulting and implementation of IT Transformation, Digital Transformation, Hybrid Cloud, IT Automation, Data Analytics, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain & NFT
* Search Methods, Fuzzy Systems, Intelligent...

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I'm a Machine Learning Engineer. Over the past 2 years, I'd gained experience in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Feature Extraction, Model Tuning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Transfer Learning, Recommender Systems

Machine Learning Projects
Supervised Learning
- Sentiment Analysis using different ML models (SVM,...

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Hi, I am Nitesh Surana, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from one of the prominent college of India, VNIT Nagpur in 2017 with 3rd rank in the college with 9.58/10 CGPA.
After that, I had joined Bajaj Auto Ltd as a Design Engineer, where I worked on building Industrial Automation machines for production and Inspection purpose. there I worked...

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If you've got an urgent assignment to complete or if you're interested in learning Data science and it's subdomains like

- Artificial Intelligence
- Machine learning
- Deep learning
- Computer vision
- Natural Language processing
- Maths for Data Science (Statistics, Linear Algebra, Probability)
- Data analytics
- Business analytics

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