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  • Nabeel Teacher, Tutor & demonstrator
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I am Nabeel Yahia, Currently I am doing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering Field.
Academic Background and Scores:
Bachelor (Mechanical-Automotive Enginnering): 3.55 / 4.00
Master (Mechanical Enginnering): 3.33 / 4.00

For sure the teachers/lecturers will not give you full information of their subjects. Students should find other sources in...

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I have 32 years of teaching experience. During this period of time, I have taught a number of subjects at different levels from Grade 1 to PhD levels. all the subjects fall under the categories of Physics, Mathematics and science. The subjects I love to teach the most are: O level Maths. O level Physics, O level Additional Mathematics, A level...

  • Pakistan
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I do online teaching. I also do homework and assignment. I translate languages. An available for online tutoring anytime. I can do the work both as full time or part time, however you need it administered to you. It is my duty to make sure that you're served with whatever you need me to administer to you. You can always quote your price whenever...

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  • Shey Mathematics business, applied sciences, technology
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right now i work in technology consulting, as well as developing hardware and technology systems. however even before this i genuinely share a passion for math science and physics (and sometimes chemistry). i enjoy using math and science on a daily basis through application in my work in both business settings in the technology industry.


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I want to help students for their students.
am mathematics and physics.
I want to make their homeworks.
I hope it will be ok.
I have 20 years experience in teaching.
I use Google Meet and Zoom platforms.
I use different exercices for learning math, for learning students .
I hope that math will be more simple, if I will show students simple...

  • Romania
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Math Teacher

Pandit deen dayal inter school Kanpur dehat

September 2014–July 2020

Developed new curriculum that combined elements of geometry, algebra, probability, and statistics.
Kept student records and analyzed them biweekly in order to address problematic areas and ensure student progress.
Implemented various...

  • India
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  • Raheela Umar Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
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Hi, I will help you with Mathematics problems 24/7 hours.

I have 5 years plus experience in this field. It's my pleasant duty to bid you welcome to my profile.

Currently, I am working as a Mathematics lecturer, I know exactly what you should and shouldn't do the perfect Mathematics, so I will be the guideline until you perfect...

  • Pakistan
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This is Md, An Engineer specialized in all fields of Basic & Advanced Mathematics, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, English etc.

🔴Why to choose me 🤷‍♂️❓❓

⚫ Taught globally more than 200+ Students on 1:1 Session via online Covering (US, United Kingdom, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,...

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