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  • Kumar Hemendra ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ Expert Statistician and Head Tutor at ISI
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I am not just a tutor. I am a Professional Statistician!

Get a Guaranteed A+ Grade through
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Along with our Statistics expert team, I have helped 2300+ students get top grades in their assignments and exams in the last 5 years in Statistics & Probability and related...

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I am teaching as a lecturer for the last 8 year. i taught online many students all around the world and they all were happy with my teaching methodology. I always try to satisfy my students no matter what. I also have done many data analysis project on different software such as SPSS, R language, Stata, Minitab. I am also working as a Research...

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I am a good and honest teacher. I will help them selflessly and focus to develop overall thinking skills.
I try to improve the learning way of student so that he/she can be do a great job.

Many students do not believe that their teachers actually believe in them.
Many students do not believe that their parents actually believe in them.

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Need Help with Exams?
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  • Simrat Singh Certified Mathematics Tutor, AP Calculus, SAT
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Personal Profile:
I have come to this realization in a past few years that how much i enjoy teaching. I always heard people saying, 'Discover your passion' but I never knew what my passion was until i taught for the first time. It was not merely a teaching session but...

  • India
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Dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child
An accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child's imagination and breed success
Highly motivated, enthusiastic and...

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This is Hasnain. I have done BS statistics from Quaid e Azam University. I have taught Statistics and probability in different Universities. Recently i am doing MS Econometrics from same university. I can do any type of research work especially my major subjects. you can contact me any time. I am providing online tutoring services. If you need any...

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Hello students,

I am pure mathematics graduate from reputable university.

My total teaching experience, both offline and online is 14 years.

I love teaching mathematics since young age.

I believe my degree in mathematics has made me a better thinker and problem solver,
which is always a helpful skill to share with students all...

  • Indonesia
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My teaching methodology is similar to somewhat how you tackle to our daily life problems, that means, I teaches in that manner so that you can get a feel about what going on and then loves to answer your each and every question comes to your mind. I teaches in a manner so that a student can really enjoy and think from the base. My first job is to...

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i conduct economics classes (micro and macro economics, mathematical economics, statistics, econometrics, development economics, monetary economics, international economics, industrial economics, and many more economics courses) which are very interactive, online and physical classes that are student tailored. in addition to these courses, i...

  • Zambia
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I help students with Economics subjects ranging from advanced Econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial and international economics. I help form a clear conceptual understanding of the subject by breaking down complex topics to easily digestible and consumable matter. I believe that academic writing is made unnecessarily complicated...

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Author of two e-books on Amazon (One for Statistics and one for Econometrics). Experience of teaching Microeconomics, Statistics and Econometrics to students from 40+ universities across US, UK, Netherlands and India.

Teaching Philosophy:
1) While dealing with a topic at hand, I don't encourage simply mugging up the formulas, I, instead focus...

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I am Sunil Kumar Singh. I am basically from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. I was born and brought up in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. I got my primary, secondary and senior secondary education in Calcutta. I have completed my graduation from Calcutta university. I have completed my post graduation ( M.Com ) from SVSU, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,...

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I'm working as assistant professor at Delhi University. And working with students in many subjects. I'm helping many international students in commerce subject.
My subjects are -
1. Accounting
2. Business studies
3. Financial accounting
4. Mathematical methods
5. Statistical for Management
6. Margiornal accounting
7. Financial...

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The word success where everyone in has/her life think about to be a successful in future. Let me remained you that "NO Pain NO Gain" you have to adjust yourself with diver's things, there's no specific method who's can transfer the knowledge through a cable.
Note down that i personally preferred. To teach a lesson and make the students able to...

  • Pakistan
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تدريس جميع مواد الإحصاء - حل الامتحانات اونلاين-نشر المقالات العلمية-يوجد مقالات جاهزة للنشر -عمل التحليل الإحصائي لرسائل الماجيستير - حل جميع التمارين والواجبات - عمل ابحاث مواد الاحصاء - تدريس جميع مواد الرياضيات - التفاضل - التكامل - نظريه الاحتمالات 1و2 - نظريه الاحصاء - الاحصاء الرياضي - السلاسل الزمنيه - تحليل الانحدار- الاقتصاد الكلي-...

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am friendly to student. am keen to detail because i believe its key to building a good relationship with the student. Am always open to questions where a student doesnt understand. I mainly use two teaching styles to teach, facilitation and demostration since i want my students to get quality knowledge and understanding. I follow up on assignments...

  • Qatar
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Greetings respected Students!

Warm Welcome to my profile, Thank you.

Myself Engr. Noman. I'm a professional Civil Engineer having good experience in the field and teaching. Have a strong grip on all civil engineering subjects i.e., water body subjects, Management, Geotech, Hydraulics, Concrete and steel Structure designs. I have done...

  • Pakistan
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  • 3.0 yr.
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My teaching style is usually student oriented where I concentrate on individual student entry behavior and how he/she fairs in assignments. I also concentrate on giving individual and group assignments which allow the student to assess to what extent they have understood the given content. I also approach my teaching by making sure I give back the...

  • Kenya
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  • 29.0 yr.

I am expert in mathematics analysis and problem. My this method likes students of mathematics and statistics approaches. I can solve there many problems of algebra, sets, ratio, proportion and other math related topics. Math is my favorite subject in my research topic. My previous experience with mathematics and statistics are very fruitful....

  • Pakistan
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