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Hello students!! I have working experience of 5 years in assignment and live study help . I provide services for all electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,civil engineering, biomedical courses,. I have a team of experts for all subjects and for each task we assure you A+ grade.
I have been providing my services worldwide . For every...

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I can help you with this subjects and I’m sure i can improve my self to you guys, which i like to teach you about those subjects and we can get more information about our self through chatting with, I don’t say I’m the best but i can help to get a good mark without any problems I will do all my best on those subjects to get more experience...

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  • Gopiraj Kolhe Best of Specilist in Mechanical Engg. & Projects
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My name is Dr. Gopiraj sir & am teaching in engineering college from 18 years. I have white board & digital pen for online teaching. And I believe in showing my skills than writing in description. I taught more than 6000+ engineers.
I am a certification holder in PhD. I’m training students and professionals since 18 years.
I have a vast...

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  • Ankit Chaurha Mechanical Engi. question With in time & accuracy
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I guarantee you excellent grades in your examination/quiz/assignment at an affordable price
I have more than 2 years of experience in helping student with their exams,assignments and quizzes
I have done Masters in engineering analysis and design from IIT Delhi (the hub of brightest minds of our country) and done my Bachelor in Mechanical...

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Hi. It's Er. SOMEN sir here a business post graduate with IIM. I have a big team of top tutors of TeacherON.
My team includes various professionals, experts and professors. YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW GOOD YOUR WORK WILL BE IF A PROFESSOR OR EXPERT WILL DO IT.
So far:
• I have assisted students in more than 3000 quizzes.
• Assisted students in more...

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  • Hamdan Mechanical Engineering,Physics and Maths
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I am an industry experienced mechanical engineer with a passion for tutoring mechanical engineering,physics and math courses. Building on fundamentals is the key to success in learning. I always go through real world examples to show the student the application of the concepts and tools they learn. I believe in helping the student learn concepts...

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Dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student. I would like to remain flexible, ensuring that every student's learning styles and abilities are addressed. I always tries to identify and select different instructional resources and methods to...

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My name is Kishan Nath Sidh, I have finished my post-graduation ( Mtech) with Machine Design specialization from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. I have secured the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering-2019 with a score of 670 in Mechanical Engineering. Currently going to Pursue a...

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I completed my M.Tech in manufacturing engineering at NITSurat. Currently, I am working as an assistant professor at Darshan University. I cracked GATE in 2019 in the mechanical engineering subject. For GATE coaching, I'll go through it systematically. All the subjects I'll teach simountensly, and after every chapter and subject, I'll conduct an...

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I am Post Graduate from IIT DELHI in Mechanical Engineering field. I have 9 year teaching experience of B.Tech Students in Engineering college as well as guiding the students to prepare for GATE Exam.
I have very good command on my subjects, both in concepts as well as numerical part.
I believe in teaching by steps.
Firstly I clear basic...

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  • 9.0 yr.
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Zoom and Skype, start with basic concept and relate it with real life examples.
Have experience in teaching strength of material
Theory of machine,fatigue analysis,vibration of machine,mathematics
As well as condition monitoring,
I start with slow space until my student get concept clear. Solved example for student and technical clarity. With...

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  • 6.0 yr.
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Mechanical Engineer with a history of working in the industrial automation industry. Skilled in Numerical Simulation, Coaching, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, SolidWorks, and ANSYS. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University. Mechanical Engineer with a history of...

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Can explain in detail with examples and will be helpful in notes for students. Have industrial experience of more than 10 years in different fields like mechanical maintenance, quality, production, sales, service, project management. Have learned computer networking from an experience person who has 10 years of experience in network.
There is...

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I have completed my graduation from Anna University in Mechanical Engineering. I have deep knowledge of mathematics and mechanical engineering subjects. I have more than 8 years of experience in helping students with their exams, assignments, and quizzes. If you need any help studying for exams, assignments, quizzes, or projects, you can contact...

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  • Yash Shah Microsoft Excel, Mechanical Engineering
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Hello, I am currently working at platform which gives massive help to students til 15 years. I am also a calibration Engineer at Good Company.
I have 2 years experience of Teaching.
I have teaching style which highly recommended by students.I given 300 plus satisfactory answers to the questions and assignments of students.
So, I am perfect...

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  • Ali AP math and Physics and all mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering instructor
On line
In groups
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  • Bilal Mechatronics Engineer
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I will teach you SolidWorks 2D drawings then 3D drawings.
From beginner level to Expert level.
If you want to continue with me we can learn about how to product a thing from drawing to real life.
But we will just learn about CAD.
Also we can learn about simulation, analyzing and transform 3D to technical drawings.
I can speak English, Turkish...

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  • 1.0 yr.
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I have an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a PhD degree in vibrations and acoustics from the Indian Institute of Science. Both my colleges come within the top 10 colleges of India. IISc is the best institute in India and one of the best small institutes in the world.

I teach dynamics, kinematics, vibrations,...

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  • 1.0 yr.
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I am best there is. If you want best for you, I am one. I am a genius. What would you get by hiring me:
1) Full Time Dedication
2) concepts
3) Help in your university assignments
4) 100% Quality work
5) Plagiarism free work
I don't take exams as it is a risk and future of person is involved. I am true to my words.

Give me a try and you...

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  • 3.0 yr.
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Deepak Kumar currently works as a doctoral researcher in the field of "Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Finite Element Modelling" at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, India. Deepak has published multiple journal papers, book chapters and conference proceedings.

Deepak has 6 years of teaching (offline+online )...

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