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Hi this is Navneet, I have been meritorious and top scoring student from my college days. I also participated in many international research and Olympiad during my college life. I also won the international medical research competition for acidity and treatment.
I have been helping international and national students...

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Top Rated Tutor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Guys, click on "Phone" tab displayed right, connect with me, you won't be disappointed, that's my word !!!


Few things...

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  • Applycv Engineering Mechanics and Mathemtics.

Core experience:
*Mechanical Engineering.
*Engineering mechanics applied to variety of disciplines.
*Theoretical, Applied Mechanics.
*Structural Mechanics / Mechanics of Solids.
*Machine Design.
*Finite Element Analysis, applied to mechanical and structural engineering.

Core experience:
*Mechanical Engineering.

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  • Akash Gupta Expert Tutor | Full-Mark | A+ grade | Quality work
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Expert tutor - Subject matter expert to get you A+ grade!
Please reach out for Quiz/Exam/Assignment in Probability & Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering subjects(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning) with an assurance of excellent Score/Grade.
I'm with a team of 30...

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I'm a Graduate in Civil Engineering and Postgraduate in Environmental Engineering and Management, I've 11 years working experience, I also help students in their studies and project and research works, I know various Civil Engineering software like Autocad, Autocad Civil 3D, Watergems, Sewergems, Staadpro, QGIS, Revit etc. and I also know Matlab....

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Are you tired from your studies ? Or do you have a travel plan?
Let us handle your work !!
1. Complete Refund Policy

2. Assignments and Review Paper

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We offer complete courses with great work and good...

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  • Parin Patel Operational Research, Project Management & Mech.
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Hello friends.. I am basically a mechanical engineer with my Master Degree in Machine Design from NIT Calicut. I am having over 5 years of experience in teaching various subjects like Operational Research, Engineering Graphics, Physics for JEE and NEET with CBSE and State Board. My surname "PATEL" tells you that my mother tongue is Gujarati and I...

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Dear students,
If you need exam, quiz, and assignment help please feel free to contact me. I am a PhD holder and written ten research papers. I have a team of subject experts with me. We work together for the best result for students. We have scored grade A in more than 100 exams so far. We work with full assurance and a money-back guarentee....

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Exam Help | Assignment| Lab Report
Mechanical Engineer having Doctorate in Thermodynamics and 8 years of tutoring experience in University .Helped 1800+ students from 20+ countries obtaining average 90% grade in Midterm,Final,Quiz of below mentioned subjects.
1.Fluid Mechanics
3.Strength of Material

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I am a researcher from the USA, who also has vast teaching experience. My area of expertise includes but is not limited to Advanced Heat and mass transfer, Advanced Fluid mechanics, Aerodynamics. I specialize in software like OpenFOAM, comsol, LIGGGHTS, Matlab, Flexpde, Surface Evolver, and Ansys. The methodology of my teaching is that I start...

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I have studied subjects related to mechanical engineering. I can teach and clear doubts for enginnering student. While pursuing my higher education, I have been TA for various courses at my institute and have ineracted with students, handle their question and doubts.
I will also like to teach or tutor school student with maths and science...

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Hello students, I hope you are doing great!
I will be happy to share my knowledge and skills with you and also to utilize my 4 years of teaching experience in helping you. I would love to give time in helping students in their assignments, homework, and clearing doubts in Mechanical Engineering subjects for the undergraduate level. Here you will...

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  • Ramy R&D Mechatronics Engineer
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R&D Mechatronics engineer in OngineeringCo & Laboratory engineer at the MNR laboratory (Medical micro and nano robotics laboratory).

I am a Graduate of Mechatronics engineering from the German university in Cairo. I have 3 years of research and teaching experience as I am a senior researcher in the Aratronics laboratory (Applied science and...

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My name is Khaled Alshehhi. I’m 24 years old. I live in Abudhabi. I have huge experience in mechanical fields. I helped many students before. I charge low price. I’m a local citizens from UAE. I can help you with all mechanical engineering courses. I’m a mechanical engineering graduate, with high degree. Here are some subjects I can help with.

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I have been in teaching profession since more than 30 years. Ever since I joined Ramaiah Institute of Technology, I have been involved in all kinds of teaching related activities such as student related, administrative & autonomous services, self development, R &...

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  • Tahir Yamin Project Management,Engineering, Stats, Writing
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Subject to teach
1. Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing Engineering/QC/ Electronics/ Thermodynamic/Heat Transfer/ SPSS/Excel/ Etc
2. Maths, SPSS, Statistics, psychology
3. Writing, Academic Writing, Content Writing, Research paper, Thesis, Blog writing
4. Physics, Chemistry
5. Project management - PMP (PMP Certified from PMI USA)

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Ex- faculty gateforum, I Have the right strategy to shape students from zero to hero in civil engineering subjects from my experience .I have mentored more than 300 international students on various websites and thousands of students in offline classes in india in states up, mp, Rajasthan etc for gate,psu, state AEN ETC who are doing well in their...

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I am a naval architect/marine engineer with a 20-year of professional experience onboard ships and shipyards, with a strong academic background (MIT) and a 10-year teaching experience with undergrad and master students in the fields of maritime, naval architecture, and mechanical engineering.
An efficient, and productive teaching approach,...

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i will teach from basic level to university exam & competition level which boost the knowledge and interest of student in the subject. i will give proper assignment test will be conducted after regular interval of time.
past results of my students is excellent and all of them get good score in their exams. i can teach in any way either in...

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Hello students,
I have more than 6 years experience in the fields of online teaching making ASSIGNMENT and live Study help.
Also I have cleared GATE Examination four times with good score...
I provide nearly all Engineering subjects, management subjects, Physics, chemistry, mathematics, calculus...

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