NEET Chemistry assignment tutors

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With a PhD in Chemistry and 9 years of teaching experience I understand the core problems of students and how to tackle those. Specialist of preparing students for (SAT, IB, IGCSE, A and As level, AP, IIT-JEE and NEET Chemistry, my strategy is to adapt the curriculum according to unique learning pace and pattern of each student and making it an...

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We Provide All India & Abroad Online 1-12th, Graduation, Competition level Subjects, diploma/ language courses etc. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE& IB.
Our teachers are expertise and have extensive knowledge in their relevant teaching field.
Result Oriented Study
Personal Attention
Through tests
Through sample papers
We are based at...

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We do provide an experienced and qualified tutors. We have specialised tutors who are expertise in their fields.
We teach through live examples, experiments, worksheets and apps.
We provide Online classes through Skype, WhatsApp video calling, FaceTime, Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams.
We do provide language courses, FRENCH,German,...

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Hey everyone, I am Dr Verma ( Female online Medical tutor as well as cardiologist )
I have nearly 17 years of experience in teaching profession.

According to your requirement please check your subjects detail in my profile, I hope that will help you if anyone's subject detail is missing, you can directly contact me for further...

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  • Arindam Ghosh Chemistry & Math IIT- JEE/NEET/GCSE/IGCSE/AP/IB
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I am well versed with most of the INTERNATIONAL AND INDIAN curriculum like SAT/IB/IGCSE/GCSE/A level/AS level/O level/AP/ CBSE/ ICSE/ISC.

Starting form grass root level i slowly build the concepts and make my students confident enough to crack any exam.

Join me For
1 year Crash course for NEET for Chemistry
Class 11/12 regular course for...

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Friendly, inspiring and enthusiastic teacher.
Always encourage students to think deeply and widely.
Try my best to fulfill their dreams.

Though marks are important, never get disappointed even if student is not up to the level, through innovative and creative ideas, encourage learner to get inspired in their subjects.

Schedule and target...

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I am an IIT Graduate & Most famous Resonance Kota Faculty for Chemistry with 7 yr+ experience. I am among top-3 teachers of Kota and India who can teach all Physical/Organic/Inorganic Chemistry with equal proficiency.

I have taught 8000+ students many of whom have secured top AIRs. My teaching methodology is loved by all students and it suits...

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We are a team of IIT ALUMNI dedicated to enable JEE-Mains/Advanced/BITSAT/CET/NEET-UG aspirants use their full potential, through personal ONE on ONE live courses.
All our educators are IIT GRADUATES expert in understanding individual requirements and delivering complex concepts in the most EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND way. Through focused mentorship and...

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I am a senior faculty who has mentored more than 2000 students, among whom where couple of under 100 rank in IIT mains and Advance. Has more than 10000 hours of teaching experience. Ability to carry class according to the needs of the weakest student.
I provide my own assignment and regular test to judge the students through my portal

I have...

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A brief about my teaching experience is as follows:

- I am a gold medalist from Delhi University, 2015 (M. Sc. - Chemistry)

- I have worked as a senior lecturer (Chemistry) in FIITJEE .

- I have taught Chemistry to more than 250 students and is a proud mentor of students currently studying in various IITs, NITs and other prestigious...

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I HAVE RECEIVED PARTICIPATION AWARD -GUINNESS, ASIA,LIMCA, INDIA BOOK AWARD, AWES, Teach for 9th to 12th All board along with all kind of medical and Engineering exams as NEET & IIT-JEE (MAIN & ADV). Gives Short cuts, Tricks, Techs, Mnemonic, Songs, based on real life situation, practical based, reasoning, analyzing skill, conceptual teaching,...

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working with UNACADEMY PLUS, india's largest online teaching firm
1. More focused on the basic concept
2. Involves student via question answer for better interaction and understanding the subject.
3. Available 3D software for explaining the chemical structures wherever required.
4. Examples from day-to-day
5. Move to next point only after...

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• Working as Faculty in FIITJEE Institute
• Has 11 years of experience in IIT-JEE Mains, Advance and NEET.
• Alumni of NIT WARANGAL
• produced Top Rank students consecutively for last six years’
• Focusing from BASIC level to ADVANCED level in concept learning.
• Topic wise Assignments...

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  • 11.0 yr.
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I am a Gold Medalist in M.Sc.,Chemistry from Osmania University..Completed in 1998..

Having an Experience of 24 years in teaching IIT & NEET Chemistry as well as for State level Entrance Exams..Plus Foundation Chemistry

Worked for Reputed Institutions in Bangalore n Hyderabad..

Produced all India level ranks in IIT & NEET..

I make my...

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1.I have produced all India rank 9,19,42,91,104,242 and many more in IIT/NEET/KVPY/MHCET
2. If chemistry is hurdle in your Success, I can assure you that Chemistry will be very easy for you.
3. I have good DPP and study material which can give you confidence in preparation
4. I will take online test and gives notes of every topic.
5. Any day...

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An IIT-BHU(B. Tech) graduate from Material Science, with deep interest in teaching chemistry.
Have worked for 5 years in researching in Chemistry before becoming a full time teacher for last 3 years.
Especially interested in training students for Olympiads,IIT-JEE advanced, Mains, NTSE and NEET.
Methodology of teaching involves development of...

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  • Yuvraj I am a NEET qualified Medico. Good in Bio, Chem, p
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I am myself an experienced person with respect to NEET Exam. I have learnt concepts with very clarity that I can pass it to others in very Effective and Easy Way because I have cracked the NEET exam with good marks. I will help students in CBSE Board Exam/ NEET/Assignment. Apart this, I can guide students for...

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  • 1.0 yr.

My classes will be student oriented, and will be taken with respect to the student taste and capability. I'm interested in a participatory learning wherein students are completely involved and are in par with their tutor, such that they enjoy the learning process.
I teach students using illustrations and make them career focused such that they...

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7 years of teaching experience
Vast experience of teaching for 10th, 11th and 12th grade and for the competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CUET etc.
Experience of online (Unacademy) and offline teaching. I have been running my own coaching institute from 2015 in the offline mode and have experience of teaching online as well for online platform...

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I love teaching,when students are curious and my classes are interactive where i give complete freedom for students to ask questions and then further delevop into more profound theories and co relate with practical and day to day scenarios.I work with students of all types from students whose concepts are weaker to extremely bright students.
I am...

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  • 22.0 yr.