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As Lao Tzu mentioned "A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step." But I want to add to this quote by mentioning that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step in the RIGHT DIRECTION. I can definitely help you with your first step in the RIGHT DIRECTION and guide you through your medical education.
I have had previous...

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  • Usama Khan Usama khan(doctor and HAFIZ ul QURAN )&teamworkers
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Hi my name is USAMA KHAN and my team name is BRIGHT ACADEMIC SERVICES .I am doctor and HAFIZ QURAN alhmdulillah by myself and have a team of teaching experts including HIFZ UL QURAN experts also . We offer services of EXAMS SOLUTIONS,ASSIGNMENTS HELP, LAB WORKS and TEACHINGS in following subjects .

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Hello there .
By profession I am a doctor. I also have teaching experience in caribbean medical I have worked with students who wrote usmle, plab or similar exams . I basically love teaching and Sharing knowledge gives me immense pleasure . I would like to help students to achieve their goals and try my best to fufil their requirements...

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  • Devraj Dev Doctor. Assignments help . Projects.

Iam very good at all subjects which I mentioned in my bio. I can make my students pass in any subject with good score. I can help students for there assignment’s, exams and I can help in project works also . I can teach subjects Neurology, Orthopaedic, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology and Biochemistry also . I will give all the subjects notes with...

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Results-oriented tutor currently attending Federal Medical College (FMC) ISLAMABAD. Aiming to leverage proven creative thinking, multitasking, and problem-solving skills to successfully fill the Tutor role. Frequently praised as focused by my peers, I can be relied upon to help you achieve your goals.
Assure you maximum grades in your...

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Teaching Anatomy for 8+ years, for over 700 students, from different cities given me a good exposure of what a student expects.
My style of teaching varies from student to student depending upon their caliber, from a simple power point presentation to white board, giving live demonstration of different sections, taking periodical assessment of...

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  • 8.0 yr.
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Teaching undergraduate and post graduate medical students from 2010 till now made me familier with students with lots of query

Able to adapt students i.q. lavel to make anatomy explainations more easy to grasp.

Having command on subject and better know what and where comes the difficulties in learning anatomy

Explaination with examples...

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I am working as Assistant professor. I teach:

Medical Doctor
•MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, (2003)
•MD (Anatomy) from University College of Medical Sciences, Shadara, Delhi-110095, (2010).
•Worked as Senior Resident in University College of Medical Sciences, Shadara, Delhi-110095, (2010-11).
•Presently working as an...

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  • Divya Rathore Specialised in Orthopaedic physiotherapy, Anatomy,
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Hi, I am Dr.DIVYA RATHORE. I did my BACHELOR of PHYSIOTHERAPY from I.P University in 2012-2016. In 2016 I worked as a physiotherapist in Hindi Rao Hospital.

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I am an experienced and qualified tutor with 5 years of teaching experience in a private Medical college,kerala, india. I love teaching anatomy. I can teach every topic easily and make it stronger for the students.
MBBS,BDS and Nursing students can contact me for Online Anatomy tuttions.
I could ensure you that all necessary things taught in...

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  • Nithya Medical anatomy
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Hi hope you guys opt me for a easier and quick crash courses for USMLE exams and all individual topics of neuroanatomy, histology,embryology, gross etc 😊I will be able to complete the portions within short span of time in a crisp and easy manner. I have handled many MBBS and MD students please do work hard so that you can be best and dont try to...

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Greetings dear medical students!
Hoping you're at your best today :)
My name is Mariam Hassouneh, a Medical Doctor and a 2021 graduate from University of Jordan.

After +12hrs of teaching clinical students the basics in interpreting Radiology, like X-Rays and CTs of Brain, Chest, and Abdomen, and after another round during Quarantine with...

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Dedicated, creative, biology teacher highly regarded for establishing productive learning environments to enhance student development. Strong reputation for designing fun and enriching lesson plans that inspire student to learn. Apply strong knowledge to bring out the highest potential in my students. Resourceful and energetic teacher, eager to...

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  • Fadlalmoula Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology

Unversity professor
Part time basic medical science tutor,
Anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, 12 years experience in medical education, available for online teaching only,
Distant learning Medical courses for undergraduate and post Graduate students,
Exam revision and problem-based learning

Please book 1 Month in...

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I'm a teacher of molecular neuroscience and molecular psychiatry and so I'm happy to teach students and help students about brain and it's working. I'm passionate about brain and I would love to teach my students brain in it's full details. I just have only one request, students should have some idea about brain before coming to me. I'll not be...

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as we know that anatomy is a branch of medicine, and it is divided into three parts namely; Embryology, Histology, and Gross.
embryology is the systematic study of events of the structural development of the human body
histology is also the study of the human body but at the tissue level, where the use of the microscope is important
the Gross...

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I have a detailed knowledge in brain and base of skull anatomy, and pathologies affecting central nervous system.
Also, I have a long experience in teaching medical students and early graduated medical doctors to prepare for their boards. I can teach up to 12 students.
I utilize an interactive and supportive methods to help students to...

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Hi there,
I'm a final year medical student and a freelance tutor. Teaching is my passion. I love and enjoy it. I would like to make my lessons really interesting by explaining every topic in very detail but in a simple way. In that case, it will be really easy for my students to digest it.
And yes, as I'm a student too, I know exactly what kind...

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Hello, I'm a Psychologist and a Neurotechnologist. I am currently doing my doctorate in Psychology. I have done my masters in psychology (University first rank holder). I have finished my bachelors in neurotechnology. I have two years of experience in teaching students of UG and PG at college as well as university-level.
I prefer to understand...

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  • Boon All English Exams, Uni Prof in Science
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Hi, I'm a professor and scientist in Anatomical Sciences, college interview assessor and prep for students of all levels for over 20 years. I have the experience and confidence for you to achieve your goals as I have been in the same arena (and also a student of 2nd and 3rd languages such as French and Chinese)

Teaching Style

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