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I had been working on many multidisciplinary projects, based on my various research experience. I had been working in the field of computers, mechanical and electrical. engineering. I am interest in various engineering projects, chemistry, physics and mathematics at the masters land bachelors level. .Apart from it I have I have expertise in...

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  • Ritesh Khan PhD(Math) at IIT ~ Calculus/Linear A/ODE/Numerical

BEST possible guidance for LINEAR ALGEBRA // Applied Linear Algebra



Engineering Maths // University Maths (Pure & Applied both),

Real // Complex Analysis,

Abstract Algebra // Number Theory // Discrete Math


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  • Mathews Subject Matter Expert in Mathematics
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A passionate mathematician. I have 4 years of teaching experience. I have been working as a subject matter expert in Mathematics for companies like CHEGG and STUDY.COM for almost three years now. I can help you with your assignments, homework, exams and projects and you can expect it all to be delivered on time. I have expertise in
- Linear...

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Hello, Everyone, nice to meet with you all, I am a Computer Architecture Lover, generally I prefer to be a good guide and support for everyone in this computer science or application Field, When I am teaching in all colleges everyone loves me by my teaching techniques. I think you also love me a lot, if you have my study techniques.
I am not so...

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I am Narendra. I am currently a research scholar in the department of Mathematics department at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur. I have done my master's in Mathematics and Computing from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Patna. I have some research work in the same area which will definitely help you to get rid of...

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I am professionally aquatinted with teaching subjects which will slowing and gradually incline to the path of your success.

The success comes from the Student commitment and problem asking and problem solving techniques.

The inbuilt fire mechanism should exist in Student for finding out the solution and building the platform for smart.


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Hey we are three person, who are from IIT background and we are always be with those students who are always trusting us, we can do many assignments from anywhere in the world, and we have many subjects to be chosen, if you have any doubt on us, trust us and be chosen to perfect timing based works..If you or your friends have further any...

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Hey! Dear Students, I'm Ali...

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I am PhD research student in Mathematics at IIT Kanpur. I have CGPA 9.3 in B.Sc and 9.2 in M.Sc. I have Crack national level exam like IIT JAM, CSIR NET, GATE, NBHM, SET in Mathematics. I am expert in all bachelor courses in Mathematics and applied Mathematics in postgraduate level. I teaches my students at online and offline for the last 7 years....

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Hello student/parent,
This is Muhammad Sheraz
Qualifications: -
 Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, University of Delhi (Top most university of India)
 Master in Chemistry (MSc. A+ grade)
(Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (Included in top 10...

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I am well versed with most of the INTERNATIONAL AND INDIAN curriculum like SAT/IB/IGCSE/GCSE/A level/AS level/O level/AP/ CBSE/ ICSE/ISC.

Starting form grass root level i slowly build the concepts and make my students confident enough to crack any exam.

Join me For
1 year Crash course for NEET for Chemistry
Class 11/12 regular course for...

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  • Sana Ullah Lecturer mathematics, Calculus, Discrete Math
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Hi i am Sanaullah working as a lecturer of Mathematics from the last three years. I will help you in understanding of mathematics, and will assist you in completing of assignments. I have done mphill Mathematics from Pakistan top ranked University Bzu University Multan" and have been teaching and assisting students since last three years
I will...

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  • Mamta Bansal Discrete math, Algebra,Real analysis, Calculus, stats
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I focus on teaching concepts with the help of examples. I want to help the students to become self-sufficient.I give my 100% to the students.According to me motivation helps a lot.It increase inner confidence.A very tough subject seems to be easy if you have confidence on yourself.Best lecture is not a lecture which include all the detailed needed...

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  • Umer Bilal I'm working as a teacher in college
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Do your studies bore you? Or do you have a travel plan?
Let us handle your work !!
We're a company to help student in their work of all subjects.
1. Complete Refund Policy
2. Assignments and Review Paper
3. Promising Grades
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We offer...

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I use a feedback mechanism to verify the student and provide proper inputs in the areas of improvement.

It has given me outstanding results of atleast 80% growth rate of the student.

The parents also became happy of getting their kid's results improved and received good feedback from their schools.

My way of teaching involves
- concept...

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*5 Slots are Open Now*
*First come first serve basis*

"I am a highly experienced tutor with expertise in a wide range of subjects, from Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics to programming languages such as MySQL, HTML, CSS, C#, Numerical Analysis and MATLAB coding from basic to advanced university level topics. Whether you're a beginner...

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  • Savita Qualified GATE mathematics
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I have cleared Gate exam in 2021 with AIR-55. I qualified both state level and central level teacher eligibility test.I have done B.Ed which has taught me various teaching methods.
I am a professional teacher for 3 years in an engineering college.
I have great experience of teaching full course.
I have done Masters in Mathematics with a high...

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Being an IITian, and having an expertise in finance and economics, I would like to be of great help to you. Since there is no use of knowledge if we don’t share it, so I would like to be a part of your knowledge gaining experience.
I think my years of study and experience have made me a great tutor.
Be it your studies, assignments or tests I'm...

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  • 5.0 yr.

Doing problems of physics and maths is my passion. I have completed my graduation from University of Mumbai, India. Later I went to IIT Dhanbad after clearing competitive exams JNUEE, with AIR 4.

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  • Nishant Electronics, programming, maths, python, matlab
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I am Gate all indian rank 10, got selected for ies interview and currently pursuing mtech. I am lucky to have graduated in electrical and electronics from world renowned institute IIT HYDERABAD rank 8 engineering college in India. I am quite good in problem solving. My main strength is strong command on basics which let me develop advance skill...

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