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Deterministic Operations Management (1CV00)

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Deadline 25 March

Budget 45 Euro

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good evening sir/mam,
my name is ashwin kumar. I'm pursuing online MBA. I'm looking for an operation management tutor for assignment help

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An interactive television service that costs ​$ 12 per month to provide can be sold on the information highway for ​$15 per client per month. If a service area includes a potential of 16,000 ​customers, what is the most a company could spend on monthly fixed costs to acquire and maintain the​ equipment?
Part 2
The most the company could spend...

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Operations management tutor Needed.

I am looking for an expert in operations management only.

If you profile does not show operations management, please do not message me.

Thanks for understanding.

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Operations Management Tutor

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Need operation research tutor
And production
And control

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global supply chain management, forecasting methods

  • Mar 14
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I need help for a quiz that has 5mc and 2 long answers. Topics covered Volume-size Based Quantity Discount" to "Customer Service/Newsvendor Model" inclusively.
- In completing the analytical problems, you could either input your analysis directly in Moodle’s response box, or, write on paper and submit at most two (2) photos or PDF files for each...

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Take home exam support

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operations research tutor needed

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I need Operation research 2 tutor to help me in my exam. Industrial engineering
Probability and statistics
Decision making

My exam is Tomorrow.

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  • Feb 23
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