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Hi Students
All of you have joined this platform to increase your grade, to learn things which you think are complex to understand. I can assure you about Good grade and the concepts you need to know.
I have students from all over the world

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Best for Marketing, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management and Business

I have helped my students get A/A+ grade 90% of the times. Top-quality, professional work with zero-plagiarism and on-time delivery. I help with brainstorming for Projects/ Assignments/ Exams in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance,...

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  • Gaurav Garg Marketing/Supply Chain/Strategic Management
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I am MBA + Certification in Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management with 18 years of industry experience in different field like Supply Chain, Strategic Management, Operation Management, Marketing, Consumer Behavior,Retail Management, Business Communications, Sales, Profit & Loss, Market Research. I have knowledge of different industries...

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Hi this is Navneet, I have been meritorious and top scoring students from my college days. I also participated in many international research and Olympiad during my college life. I also won the international medical research competition for acidity and treatment.
I have been helping international and national students from my college days....

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  • Parin Patel Operational Research, Project Management & Mech.
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Hello friends.. I am basically a mechanical engineer with my Master Degree in Machine Design from NIT Calicut. I am having over 5 years of experience in teaching various subjects like Operational Research, Engineering Graphics, Physics for JEE and NEET with CBSE and State Board. My surname "PATEL" tells you that my mother tongue is Gujarati and I...

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Strong experience in online-based teaching of maths concepts to students, ability to maintain good rapport with students, good understanding. Able to convey material to students in an easy to understand manner.
I provide one on one maths online classes.
I will help you to solve your mathematics assignment.
I will respond to emails and calls...

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  • Lisa Business and Management, ESL English Online
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Hi There!

I am a native English speaker from Canada and have been living in Bangkok for the last ten years.
I have an extensive business background as an executive and entrepreneur and hold an MBA so can help with any related subjects, assignments, homework, tutoring, etc.

I can also teach ESL, written English or conversation.

I have...

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  • Sandeep Yadav PHd in OPERATION RES. & Statistics, +91 9466666314
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I take 90% of assignments in MATHEMATICS and OR.

I am currently pursuing PhD, I did MSc from in MATHEMATICS and OPERATION RESEARCH, Bachelor's in Computer Science
OPERATIONAL RESEARCH and MATHEMATICS from Delhi University. I helped many students in MATHEMATICS related subjects like from UK, UAE, TURKEY, INDIA, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT,...

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I employ interactive/participatory method of teaching, use real life situations as examples when applicable, add a little joke when the class is becoming boring, and also entertain questions from my students. I have taught and prepared a lot of students for exams in which they came out in flying colours. Generally, my students do improve after my...

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  • Subash M Math, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Economics
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A quality-driven expert with special technical skills and vast experience in various disciplines. A plagiarism-free paper and impeccable quality content are what I deliver. Timely delivery and originality are guaranteed.

  • United States
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I cover practical aspects of subjects with focus on quantitative topics. More focus will be on problems and approach to solve problem.
I prefer Interactive sessions with respect to current issues. At the same focus will be on subject in exam point of view. I relate theory with practical life which enhances the skill of students for future which...

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  • Vikas G Expert in Statistics, Python, Excel & Operations
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Mathematics/Statistics is my forte.

Currently working as a Data Scientist in the one of the Leading e Commerce Organizations in the World.

I am Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from American Society of Quality, USA.

I am expert in Python & Microsoft Excel.

I am expert in Regression Modelling, Hypothesis Testing, Sampling...

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  • Ali Jb Research study, Projects, Assignment in IS
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- I'm ready for any advice you want for choosing your major.
- Don't choose for experience and knowledge, always choose for attitude and who will finish your work even if it is too late or 4 am. IT IS ME
- I'll be your support, even if it is not my domain i'll try also to brainstorm with for free.
- I love my students who are dedicated to...

  • Lebanon
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Expert in Data Analysis, Research Methodology, project guidance (UG&PG Levels) in management fields.
Rich expertise in Ph.D. Guidance, also have a full thesis in HRM.

1. Case-based teaching
2. Storytelling approach
3. Gaming
4. Problem solving
5. Decision-making skills will be taught.
6. Overall development is ensured with the...

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I can help the students in solving assignments, home work, and also can help in lab work.
I can help students for solving quiz.
Also I can help regarding completion of projects, report writting etc.
I am ready to help the students with variety of projects which could be of research or manufacturing type or management and costing related.

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Qualified Cost Accountant ( ICWAI), 4+ yrs teaching experience and 2 yrs of industry experience.Teaching students of various backgrounds like CA- FOUNDATION, CMA- FOUNDATION INTER and FINAL, CS- FOUNDATION, MBA, CBSE, STATE BOARD ( MH). Proven track record with results in every class. Able to engage students with combination of fun&teaching in...

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  • Zehra Zaidi Management Assignment Expert | Senior Associate
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Thank you fo looking at my profile, I am super excited to introduce my professional background. After so many years in the field of academic writing I can now handle a series of services such as:

* Academic Writing
* Homework Help
* Assignment Writing Help
* All Subjects of Management
* SEO Writing
* Website Content Writing
* Resume...

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  • Gopakumar Experienced Teacher in Economics related subjects
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I've 15+years of academic experience from prestigious management institutes across India which include the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
The subjects handled by me are Managerial Economics, Research Methodology, Macro Economics, Business Environment, International Financial Management, International Business, Corporate Governance,...

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  • Suneel Kumar Project management, data analysis & Thesis writer
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Teaching is art no one can easily judge the student problem, Last three years I'm working as a freelancer and teaching experience also assignment and dissertation writing experience, Now I can easily solve the student problem within time and budget, My aim to provide good quality of education and share my teaching experience and university classes...

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I am having 16 years of showing experience as an Associate Professor in a Management school.
I done Master's in Management with Finance Specialization like Derivate markets and Financial markets and completed my Post-Master's fellowship on Finance.
Since long time, I have been training web classes too through collaborative tools. Since endless...

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