Organometallic chemistry assignment tutors

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Hi Dear students,
Do you need Chemistry classes?
Or do you need help in your Quiz, Assignment or in Exam of Chemistry?
If "YES" then certainly you are at the right place.
I have more than 10 years of teaching and research experience combined together. During PhD I worked on coordination Chemistry of heavy transition metals.
I have hands on...

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Hi I am Anwar a professional chemist and skills developer.I have done my PhD chemistry from a well known university of USA (uni of Houston).I am serving as Teacher in Govt as well as private institutes last 4 year's.As a current online tuter with students achieving (A and A* leval) grades,I have a strong awareness of the current system of teaching...

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My approach to teaching is seeking answers through well grounded thought-process. I emphasize putting knowledge into context giving suitable examples and making the concepts clear through well proved valid mechanism. Further understanding the concept through brainstorming and problem solving helps my students understand the topics in depth.

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  • Ali Assistant professor of chemistry
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Dearest students,
I want to help!
My name is Ali and I am an assistant professor in chemistry. With a PhD from KAUST, I get the chance to teach in very rebuted universities in Lebanon like (LAU, LU and AUB). I love to teach, and i do teaching since 15 years. I enjoy how I make my students understand hard concepts. My main philosophy in teaching...

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  • Sai Kishore Mechanical ENG.IIT Delhi, Assig. HELP/QUIZ

All Exam help, Assignment, Quiz, HW of all subjects and courses. Help for any kind of subject in mechanical. Teaching as required for student advice how he/she wants, interaction will be friendly

1) Mass Transfer I & II, Thermodynamics
2) mechanical operation, thermodynamics, fluid process.
3) Heat transfer, fluid mechanics,
4) Material...

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