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With a PhD in Chemistry and 9 years of teaching experience I understand the core problems of students and how to tackle those. Specialist of preparing students for (SAT, IB, IGCSE, A and As level, AP, IIT-JEE and NEET Chemistry, my strategy is to adapt the curriculum according to unique learning pace and pattern of each student and making it an...

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  • Simi K M Expert A level Physics( Ex.Teacher Intl.Sc.Mumbai)
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10 years of Real-time teaching experience in Cambridge Affiliated School, Mumbai, India.
Sound Knowledge of Gravity& Progression of Cambridge Syllabus from Grade 7 onwards. Trained & Experienced Cambridge Assessment International Education- IGCSE & A LEVEL PHYSICS with ample resources in hand on Theory and Practical including Planning and...

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I have a deep knowledge of Chemistry. I can explain the concept very easily and will teach in an interesting way. My teaching will help the student to qualify many test like IIT JAM, Gate, NET etc. Apart from this, I am expert in completion of syllabus at right time. As I have core knolwledge of my subject So it would be very beneficial for the...

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# I have expertise in AP PHYSICS 1, AP PHYSICS 2 & AP PHYSICS C
# I am also an expert of CAMBRIDGE IGCSE PHYSICS and IB (HL/SL) physics.
# I have an experience of 8+ years.
# I am one of the top subject matter experts(physics) on *my engineering buddy*
# I have mentored 500+ students from more than 8 different countries
# I am also working...

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An IIT-Bombay graduate (2009), with deep interest in teaching Physics.
Have worked for 5 years in researching in Physics (done Ph.D. from IIT Bombay) before becoming a full time teacher for last 7 years.

Have taken private tuitions for many PACE, Allen, FITJEE going students. Few of my students are from Dhirubhai Ambani International school,...

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I have a degree of physics as well as a masters degree in the same field. And I have a masters degree in quality control
I have been teaching igcse and AS Edexcel physics course since 2015.
I joined both Cambridge and Edexcel training seminars and received many certificates.
I'm capable of teaching one to one or a group...

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  • 7.0 yr.
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I recently completed my A levels (EDEXCEL) and got A*s in physics and maths and A in biology and chemistry. I had 8 subjects in IGCSE and got 7A*1A. I have been teaching for a little over a year now. Most of my students are from grades 8-10(o levels). A student of mine gave IGCSE exam this June and got A* in the subjects that I taught him (physics...

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Hello, I am from Russia, working and teaching at federal university, I also have worked for some academic years in a Cambridge certified International School. I taught maths at secondary level for two academic years and had the specific responsibility to prepared pupils for Cambridge checkpoints and GCSE exams. I worked in a Google school with a...

  • Russia
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I have studied in a British school for 8 years and am fluent in English. I have completed IGCSE level exams during the pandemic and I have learned and understood what people need when they are learning online. I am good at connecting with people and understanding their needs to adapt my teaching methods to an individual. I can help students have a...

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I am an experienced Physics and Mathematics Tutor with more than seven years of experience of teaching and upgrading my teaching skills.
I have come across all manners of students which makes me quickly adapt to a student's style of learning. I use different teaching methods based on the learner's need. I also demand for feedbacks per week to...

  • Nigeria
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  • Vuchas Emile Specialist Physics and Math teacher for the IGCSE
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I am a skill Physics and math teacher with over 7years of teaching the cambridge curriculum. My teaching methos is mostly based on the constructivist approach, where i guide my learners to bring out the best in them. I have prepared learners for Cambridge IGCSE and A level physics as well as IGCSE mathematics and registered a very high success...

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  • Kiran Physics -IGCSE/AS/A level tutor

My name is Kiran.
I am into teaching physics for past 15 years in an British curriculum school.
My subject expertise is physics and my experience is in teaching IGCSE,AS/A -level Teaching.
My teaching style is student center oriented. My students find my teaching quiet easy to understand and exam oriented with depth of the concepts. I...

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  • 15.0 yr.
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I am graduated from IIT Roorkee in 2016 and since then I am in the field of physics. Physics is subject where you can't mug up the things, you need to understand every concept and learn to implement that. I focus on concept delivering in very simplest way so that students can get more interest in the subject. I have taught more than 1000 students...

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  • 6.0 yr.
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I have completed my engineering in electronics and telecommunications, so be assured that whatever doubts you have in Computer Science will be dealt with. I m a good listener and good orator. My students have always scored higher than they expect to get. My content in the notes is crisp and to the point!
I take online classes and provide you with...

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  • 6.0 yr.
  • Alnazir Teacher of Physics, Science, Math, English, Arabic

I have briefly outlined my background and qualifications for parents and students review, believing I could be a game changer in their study and understanding of physics and science/
I majored in physics; and I’m currently part-time physics instructor at many schools and collages in Sudan where I teach physics IGCSE and other variety of...

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Physics is the easiest subject.
Least effort highest score.
It gives you confidence and the REQUIRED awareness to tackle the world with rock solid calmness.
Physics is mainly the study of three characters: matter energy and force and their interrelationships.
Nothing remains vague.
We learn physical quantities like time and mass.
They are...

  • Pakistan
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  • David Otieno Certified teacher of Mathematics and Geography

I am a certified teacher of Mathematics and Geography, teaching in an international school in Nairobi. I facilitate the implementation of IGCSE curriculum online and offline. Am always ready and willing to help a learner attain his/her level best in the above mentioned subjects. I have taught online, a good number of students who have ended up...

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I am an experienced and suitably qualified Mathematics and Physics educator. My passion is to see students succeed and pursue their academic and career dreams. In my thirty years of teaching, I have assisted my students to pass their examinations and a few were top in the country for Physics at different times.
The Cambridge Assessment...

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  • 30.0 yr.
  • Krish IGCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Economi

Are you struggling with IGCSE Maths or Science?

I have completed IGCSE with great results and want to help other students with maths, physics, chemistry. business and economics do also succeed and really love the subject.

I have also made many mistakes and learnt from them while studying, I will make sure the students do not make the same...

  • Hong Kong
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  • 1.0 yr.
  • Matthew Tan A level student, Part time IGCSE tutor in Malaysia

Hi there! I have completed my IGCSE recently and would love to help others achieve their goals like how I did. I was a C student during my first year of studying, but after adopting the right study habits from my tutor, I am equipped with skills that allow me to score the top grades I strive for.

Since I graduated less than a year ago, I am...

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