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Physics and Calculus Expert in giving your exams by uploading instant and accurate solutions which ensures your A after taking help from me during exam due to my 12 years experience of solving exams. I provide exams, quizzes, assignmemts and study help services for Physics and calculus 1, 2, 3 specially. Providing exclusive solution and accuracy...

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I Have graduated from IIT Kharagpur and have been teaching Physics and Maths to ENGINEERING (IIT-JEE) AND MEDICAL (NEET) entrance examination aspirants for the last six years .
My credentials can be summed up as :
ALL INDIA RANK 1632, ( IIT-JEE,2009)

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  • 6.0 yr.
  • Satyam Sir B. Tech IIT Kharagpur (IIT JEE, NEET & CBSE)

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Your Physics, My Responsibility!
B.Tech, IIT kharagpur, 7 years+ Teaching Experience
Taught in Byju, FIITJEE, Aakash etc., Founder, Physics Factor
Published Various Book for JEE & NEET, Students got IITs, NITs & Top 500 Ranks
100/100 in Physics CBSE Board Scorer, IIT JEE 2010 AIR 1162 Rank Holder, NTSE Scholar
Physics is subject of complexity...

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I teach physics for IIT JEE. It is an engineering entrance exam conducted for admission to various engineering colleges in India. 0

I teach mechanics, thermal physics, fluid mechanics, properties of matter, waves, electricity and magnetism, geometrical optics, wave optics and modern physics.

My teaching methodolgy is simple. I keep my...

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We Provide All India & Abroad Online 1-12th, Graduation, Competition level Subjects, diploma/ language courses etc. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE& IB.
Our teachers are expertise and have extensive knowledge in their relevant teaching field.
Result Oriented Study
Personal Attention
Through tests
Through sample papers
We are based at...

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  • Payal Paul Physics faculty for NEET/IIT-JEE/SAT/IB/AP/GCSE

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Introducing On Demand SUMMER course for GCSE Physics And Maths/Summer course for AS level revision/Summer course for A level/ Summer course for AP Physics/crash course for NEET/JEE for this Summer of 2020.

*BEST possible guidance FOR NEET, JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED Physics/Physics Honors/A level/O level/ IGCSE/ GCSE/AP/IB/SAT / B.Tech engineering...

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  • 10.0 yr.
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I am a person with a keen interest in the subjects like Physics and Mathematics. I love solving challenging problems and also making students learn the advance problem solving techniques(many of which is genuinely based on my personal experience rather than being copied from somewhere). I like to innovate problem solving techniques and...

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An industrious and goal oriented individual with M.tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Jalandhar. I have also build "Gnathodynamometer" a biting force measuring instrument for humans which is in patenting process and with a teaching experience of 4+ year.
I love to deal with concept building and short tricks which will helpful for the...

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  • Guru Sir M.Sc (IIT), M.Ed Ph: +918148441952 Online tutor

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I am Guru Sir, Chennai Doing Online tutoring service from chennai in Physics/Chemistry/Math. For CBSE / ICSE / ISC / IGCSE / IB / GCSE / AQA / State / NIOS / AP / Australian /Anglo /JEE Physics / NTSE / NEET Physics / SAT/ MOE... Physics Olympiad etc.I can do a diligent work Providing video, black board software & micro teaching technique which...

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Pinaki Chowdhury M.Sc(ju) & M.Tech(besu image

Mr. P,Chowdhury; Physics Teacher-- for NEET & other competitive exam, class 11&12(all board), class 9 & 10 ( physics only) .. [individual & group class available]


B.Sc (Physics Hons) Ramakrishna Mission Vidya Mandir; Belur
M.Sc from...

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I myself, an IITian knows exactly how much it takes to grill and beat the competition. To understand and apply complex concepts all at once. 8 of my students from physical class scored above 99 percentile in JEE (Mains) 2020 January Attempt.
I love my subject and use practical examples and live demonstrations to make concepts interesting and...

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  • 4.0 yr.
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M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering).
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Currently working as an Assistant Professor in IIMT Greater Noida.
One year teaching experience in NIET Greater Noida, as a Lecturer.
One year teaching experience Govt.Sr.Sec.Boys School, Janakpuri, West Delhi.
Teaching Mathematics (10th, 11th, 12th)...

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  • 13.0 yr.
  • Asok Nandi PHYSICS for: NEET, JEE(M & ADV), XI-XII BOARD,

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Name: Dr. A. K. Nandi

Qualification: MSc and Ph. D in Physics
Residence: JADAVPUR, KOLKATA 70032

The RETIRED teacher prefers to coach students at teacher's residence at Jadavpur, Kolkata 700032 either in a small group (comprising of 2-to - 4 students) or onebto one.

Services Provided:( Provides individual and Group Tuition ) of the...

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  • 50.0 yr.
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I am quick and i make things really easy to understand. My students never look for any other thing after they learn from me..
I have wonderful shortcuts and ppts for making you understand the gist of subject.
At last moment you can rely on me for success. I can take you to depth of the subject and can tell you what are the things that examiners...

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  • 6.0 yr.
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Hi Dear Students,
I am a passionate and dedicated teacher and coach in Physics and Maths. I maintain very good communication with students and most of them really enjoy the teaching. I can start with the level of the students and they do not feel any burden of lessons. Most important are basic concepts in Physics and Maths, which are very well...

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This is kirankumar
I have Done Post Graduation with Good percentage
I am taking Online classes /Home Tuitions
I am Having 15+ years experience
I can teach All subjects
I worked as a Teacher in various reputed organizations
I will give good output to yours child
I will Teach all subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English,...

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  • 16.0 yr.
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Teaching is My Passion.

I'm an Experienced qualified Faculty with 16 years of Experience in Teaching, Across different Boards IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, STATE Board,(IIT/NEET FOUNDATION Classes).

I can teacheach and every topic Very easily, Based on Student Individual Grasping Level,By Using Educational Technology Such as Flash animations, Java...

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  • 10.0 yr.
  • 19.0 yr.
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Physics is not about equations and questions only.
Physics should be learned with the help of real life events, examples as well as one should be able to look at the application part of the physics theory. When both the real life examples and application is combined, this subject becomes really amazing.

Students understanding is the most...

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  • $8-16/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.
  • Santosh Math and science, taking online classes

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I have done B tech from IIT Roorkee. I have been teaching since last 14 years. I have taught in Resonance, Kota, Sri Chaitanya, Hyderabad and in many other reputed coaching institute. I can guide you to crack IIT JEE or NEET. I can teach any board. I am looking for serious students with whome I can work and produce good result. My dream is to...

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Dear student,
I love Physics and thats why I want to teach Physics. I have more than 8 year experience in teaching physics for CBSE, Engineering / Medical Entrance Examinations (JEE - Main / Advanced, NEET etc.).we offer Physics classes through Classroom lectures as well as online mode through video conferencing using Skype, google hangout. If...

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