Prolog programming assignment tutors

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Hello everyone!! Hope you are doing great. I appreciate your efforts to imbibe the technical skillset as it is much required to sustain in the modern era. Seeing the changing world and requirements these days, I tried to make myself acquainted with various programming languages as I mentioned in my skillset. I not only believe in teaching the...

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  • Umair Azmi DrRacket, Prolog, Theoretical CS, C/C++ etc
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I hold a masters degree in Computer Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science (India's premier research institute).

I am proficient in C as well as C++ programming, with multiple years of industry experience involving linux programming (IPC, multi threading, socket I/O, etc). I am also experienced in Java programming.

I am...

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I am a final-year student myself, studying in Australia. As a student, I understand the concern of every student out there who wants help, who gets stressed out about assignments or exams. I charge only if my student has learned anything, I teach purely because of my passion to impart my knowledge and help students who are stuck like I was at some...

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