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  • Kavya N I'm an msc. Chemistry in CUSAT
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I'm Kavya N. I'm doing post graduation in Msc. Hydrochemistry in Cochin University of Science and Technology. I got first class with distinction in degree. I believing that l'm good at presentation. I love to teach chemistry. I'm going deeply and very clearly through topics. I'm doing classes with simple and elegant slides. I'm very lucky to...

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Start from basics of topic, then concept details followed by derivation. Then results are supported by numerical

I am using visualization tools such as gaussian to make topics clear to bsc and msc students. For eg different IR frequencies in molecules are made visualization for students using gaussview.

Students are given some assignments so...

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I am physical chemist. I teaches the student in which student role is active. Initially, I starts from the basis concepts and terms which confuse the mostly students. Than I go for more detail of subject by explanation of different terminologies and difficult topic by relating them with practicle life. The example from practicle life is the key to...

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I am a retired Professor of Chemistry with 37 years of experience in teaching and tutoring students of all levels - High school, Higher Secondary school,Graduate and Postgraduate students.

My method of teaching is strategy based and hence very effective. I use PowerPoint presentations with very effective animations to explain all concepts. I...

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