SOM (Strength of materials) assignment tutors

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- 8 years versatile experience of teaching almost all Mechanical Engineering Subjects
- More than 300 satisfied international students and counting
- Most Rated & Best Reviewed...

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  • Vishal Engineering Subjects matter Expert

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I am postgraduate in Applied Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi. I have been Teaching since 2012 with specialization in the following subjects: Electromagnetic Theory, Network Theory (Circuit Theory), Analog Electronics,Electronics Devices and Circuits (EDC), Signal and systems, Analog and...

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Hello students!! If you need any help to study for exam assignments, live sessions, and quizzes then you can contact me anytime. I have good experience of 3 years in online teaching and with past experience, I can assure you good results.
Also as I have cleared two of the toughest exam(GATE, ESE) with excellent rank (AIR-23, AIR10) so you can...

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Myself vishram ghanekar sir,
I have total 17 years of teaching experience of teaching mechanical engineering subjects.
My teaching subjects includes diploma and degree mechanical engineering subjects.

When i start teaching any subject,i like to explain the concept of that topic in detail,for that purpose i give student many practical...

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  • Mayank Singh Online tutoring, course help, assignment and quizz


I have more than 3 years of experience in helping students with their assignments and exams.
I have worked on various platforms and with various organisations in doing the assignment works.
I have helped many students with their assignment and helped them get best grades. Therefore i help students with their university courses and in their...

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I am postgraduate in Applied Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi. I have been Teaching since 2009 with specialization in the following subjects: Electromagnetic Theory, Network Theory (Circuit Theory), Analog Electronics,Electronics Devices and Circuits (EDC), Signal and systems, Analog and...

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I have 4 year teaching experience in mathematics and civil engineering both subjects. Strength of materials and structure analysis are my favourite subjects. I can assure you for accurate solutions in both civil engineering and mathematics and statistical analysis. I have very good handwriting and very good understanding towards the subject. I can...

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I am a passionate engineer who enjoys explaining mathematics and civil/structural engineering concepts. I earned my masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield in September 2020.
I put extra effort into not only solving the presented problem or concept but into making it fun to learn. Therefore, If you have a maths...

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| Assignment | Quiz | Homework | Teaching Assistance | Exam Help |MECHANICS | All MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SUBJECTS

If you want to be an expert then get the guidance from an expert. There is lot to say about my academic achievments, few of them I have enlisted below.
- Scholarship holder in School
- Distinction in Mechanical Engineering from...

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  • Ahmed Hasan Mechnical Civil chemical Electrical engineering

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I can help you in:

Homework's, Quizzes, Exams & Project works:
I can help you in completing the Assignments with no plagiarism and I can help you in the Quizzes and in the Main Exams. I can provide the service through various tools available.
We have team of experts with vast academic experience in Phsyics, Chemistry Maths, Electrical,...

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I have done my b-tech from NIT JALANDHAR.
2016 pass out. ESE-2019 MAINS qualified
I followed same methodology as discussed in prestigious coaching institution like IES MASTER, MADE EASY....

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I can teach from basic level to competition level and university level. i helped many students to solve their exams,quiz and assignments and most of students got full marks. i can take online classes for the mechanical engineering subjects and i will give proper assignment after regular interval of time.I can teach personally to any student as per...

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Dear all
I am Amit Chaurasiya, faculty of production engineering, mechanics of solids, fluid mechanics, computer Integrated Manufacturing, mechanics of machines, engineering economy
I have total 4 years of teaching experience and one year of industry experience.
I have supervised many projects.
I solve assignments, quizzes, Labs
I give...

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I am PhD student at Sharif University of Technology one of the most prestigious university in Iran.
I have a good command in mathematics, code development and structural engineering. I am a dynamic personality. I always relate learning as a fun. Learning should be not be task but a way to transform yourself for the good and developing a skillset....

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I have teaching experience of 5 years
And i have done help in online exam from last 3 years
I done more than 1000+ exam and quizzs
I help assinmnet in very less time also
My result always be 80% minimum
I am teaching in many institute also i am a chegg expert i will be helping studen from canda usa jordan uae indonasia austrlia dubhai...

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I love Math, chemical engineering and I also love teaching.

Bachelor in Engineering from MNIT JAIPUR. I have worked for 10+ years in diverse roles, 8+ of which were in teaching Maths and Reasoning for competitive examinations. I am usually a friendly and patient person, and always so with my students.

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My name is Dr. Gopiraj sir & am teaching in engineering college from 18 years. I have white board & digital pen for online teaching. And I believe in showing my skills than writing in description. I taught more than 6000+ engineers.
I am a certification holder in PhD. I’m training students and professionals since 8 years.
I have a vast...

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  • Danny Leung Civil Engineering, problem solving, Civil Engineer

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19 years of full time practising civil engineering experience, in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, currently working in Sydney in a prestigious engineering consultancy firm.
20 years of part time teaching experience on maths, physics, chemistry, civil engineering (undergrad & postgrad) in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia
All of my college...

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  • Amit Kumar Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Calcul

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Being a pass out from one of the finest engineering college in India, I have very good hold on the mechanical engineering subjects due to the amount of practical knowledge my teachers lent me upon.
I'm very dedicated and passionate about any query in my field plus i have been helping the students across hlobe since past 1.5 years. It will be...

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Welcome to my profile, If you are in search of an expert of Electronics and Electrical Engineering then you are at right place.
As I am a masters student doing my research in VLSI Domain so I have been very good in Electronics and Electrical Engineering subjects.
I have been working at many online platforms for the help of engineering...

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