Statistical inference assignment tutors

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Having 6 years of Industry experience, I am well adept to ongoing and historical trends/practices and have a sound understanding of upcoming innovations. I also have a vast experience in various projects and organisations along with a string network of people in various disciplines and industry areas to help you with problems that you may have....

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Class 1-10
Class 11-12
Graduate Level - Business statistics,Commerce, management Statistics, Statistics,
Probability, Descriptive Statistic,Inference, Operations Research, Statistical Quality Control
Statistical Packages : R, Mathlab,Minitab,SYSTA13

Owning two masters degree from prestigious institute like Indian Statistical...

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I am a B.Sc. Special degree undergraduate currently involved in teaching mathematics and statistics in Sri Lanka.

I have 3 years experience with the students like who has just part of the basics and and some students who have no basics at all. I know where students make mistakes and how to correct them in a proper manner.

Sufficient amount...

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Hii Students,
My self Abha Goyal. I have a Masters degree of Agriculture Statistics,so i can easily teach all
the subjects of agriculture and also all subjects of statistics like R statistics and statistical inference very clearly, very deeply and mainly very conceptual bases.

I am clear all the concepts very cleary with full of your...

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  • $113-141/month
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I have approximately four years teaching experience including online teaching about 6 months.
I can explain my topics in simple manner with best methodology.I will be regular punctual and honest regarding my duty.
I have great experience with teaching in several classes.My students appreciate me regarding teaching manner and subject...

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  • 4.0 yr.
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For being a statistics related problems,I personally face a problem of lacking a good teacher because of underdevelepment of this subject, also I personally believe in solving a problem in fully detailed and explain each and every concept behind that solution so that for a student who does not know about it,they also can explore the beauty of...

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  • Sayan Bose Statistics and Math Teacher-South & North Kolkata

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(NOTE - I will provide ONLY Statistics tuition from January 2020 to August 2020 )
I have completed my B.SC MATHEMATICS HONS. with Statistics and Economics from ST.XAVIER'S COLLEGE,KOLKATA.
I was pursuing M.SC MATHEMATICS from Tezpur Central University.
I had my own Coaching Centre in Kasba with Mathematics and Statistics faculty and alumni from...

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  • $3-11/hour
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  • 6.0 yr.