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About Me
Twenty plus years of industry experience ( US, Canada and India) in the following areas:
- Semiconductor Design (Xilinx and Intel FPGA, ASIC),
- Embedded System Design ( 8051 / PIC / STM32 / TI / ARM / NXP LPC microcontroller )
- Algorithm Development
- Matlab
- Python
- Technical research paper writing and plagiarism free...

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I am an electrical engineering research student with strong foundation in Mathematics and electrical engineering. Currently I am working on research projects in renewable energy integration with power grid. I teach Maths and Electrical engineering. I can also help in Matlab Simulation and Modeling. I enjoy teaching particularly and love to assist...

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I am an electrical engineer (2013), with a master's degree in electrical engineering with distinction (2015) and to date (December 2020) I am a candidate for a doctorate in engineering, the above at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia Manizales.
I am currently working as a researcher in the areas of
• Protection of electrical systems,
• Power...

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