Theory of Automata and Formal Languages assignment tutors

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Hi! I am Krishnandu Hazra, currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur and also pursuing Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) in Computer Science & Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Durgapur (NITD), India. I have completed the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering in 2013 from Jalpaiguri...

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  • Rohit Masters from NIT Jaipur Rajasthan
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I'm Rohit, completed my graduation and currently pursuing Masters from National Institute of Technology Jaipur. My field of interest and work are in field of DISCRETE MATHEMATICS,GRAPH THEORY, THEORY OF COMPUTATION, STATISTICS and PROBABILITY. You can contact me for assignment help, online classes and helps in solving quizzes. I am very...

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Myself Avinash, completed my under graduation in 2018 in Information Technology branch and currently pursuing M.Tech in Computer Engineering from MNIT Jaipur. My teaching area of experience is Data Structures and Algorithm from beginners to advanced, Problem solving skills, C, C++, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems and...

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I have received my B.E. degree in Computer Science and Technology from B.E. College, Shibpur, India, and M.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India. I have also received Ph.D. (Engg.) from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India. I have more than 18 years of teaching...

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Hello, Everyone, nice to meet with you all, I am a Computer Architecture Lover, generally I prefer to be a good guide and support for everyone in this computer science or application Field, When I am teaching in all colleges everyone loves me by my teaching techniques. I think you also love me a lot, if you have my study techniques.
I am not so...

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Hi there! My name is Romit Changani. Specializing in Computer Science and Business System. Highly skilled at solving interesting, challenging problems with data, primarily focusing on statistical modeling, ML, AI and Python Programming Language. I’ll be getting my B.Tech degree, in computer science and business system. My coursework has provided...

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  • Umme Farwa Recently I have completed my BS computer science
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I teaches with my own unique and attractive methodology..I focus on all key points of topics and try my best to learn my student with full attention and in a pleasant way. I believe in hard-working. I assured you 100% you will be completely satisfied with my work and learn all syllabus completely and I also guaranteed you all important topics will...

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  • Pavani M Computer science Professor
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" The most wonderful part of being a teacher is to think that many years down the line, there will be someone, somewhere out there, thinking about how lucky they were to be taught by a teacher as wonderful as yourself."
Recounting and appreciating our teacher’s efforts and contributions in our lives is one of the beautiful things to do as...

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A student oriented and having expertise in handling student queries possesses 2 years experience as a Lecturer.
Proficient in developing skills in students and provide them a growing path.
Extensive experience in organizing workshops.
Excellent knowledge of subject and also have great practical knowledge.
Outstanding track record in assuring...

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  • 2.8 yr.
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Hi, this is Dr Senthilkumar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I have around 19 years experience for both teaching and research.

My area of Interest is Data Science Model Design and Development, Intelligent Systems, Data Analytics and Machine Learning with Python Programming Language.

I did my research in the area of Intelligent Teleradiology...

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Hey Students....I have been into teaching field since year 2008. I Love teaching things practically with Live examples..By profession I am software developer and software trainer. The area of interest includes subjects from technical background like Data Structures, Algorithms,Theory of computation, Compiler design,Microprocessor and many More....

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I have completed Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and I have completed Master of Technology in Information Security from tier 2 engineering college in India.
I am having good knowledge in computer science subjects including:
1. Data Structure.
2. Algorithm.
3. Computer Organization.
4. Computer Architecture.

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  • 5.0 yr.
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I have experience of about 15 years in teaching students globally . My students are from Yorkville university, UK, Winsor university, Fleming college, Canada, Manipal university, VIT, NMIMS, DTU, GGSIPU, AMITY and many more. I teach all subjects of CS/IT(B Tech) and MCA,BBA,BCA,MBA. Also, I can give industrial training to students.I do classes...

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Correlating concepts with real life is the best learning . I handle live projects of Engineering Students and I also work as free lancer for outsource sotware projects by the companies in the field of computer science & engineering.
Hope tge students or companies can associate with me to get their solution in a very economical rates.
I am a...

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I am an educator and mentor in the field of IT and Computer Engineering for last 25 years.. I have been teaching TOC, Data Mining, Software Architecture & Design for many years, I also guide students in research work at UG and PG level. My students are working with many renowned software companies across the globe. Personal attention and subject...

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Dear students, I will be teaching you based on your knowledge and give parental care with you. Good motivator, secured good rank in GATE,UGC NET,TRB, college subjects and cbse computer science subjects .Having good contact with my alumus students for past 15 years.
1. Online teaching, prefarably Saturday and Sunday
2. Solving problems in easiest...

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I teach each concept from the very basic to advance . I assume learner don't know anything so i will teach each and everything whatever is required to grasp the concept .
I don't required any prerequisite whatever is needed i will teach from zero.
Language of the lecture will be English.
The methodology I follow is after the concept i will take...

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  • Akshay Computer Science and Engineering
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Hello friends I am Akshay and recently I completed by B. Tech in Computer Science and engineering from IIT KANPUR in year 2020 with aggregate 9.2 cg.I love to teach students in my free time and I have good understanding of my subject now I am working with Amazon but in my free time I love to help students in their assignment and in exam...

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  • 1.0 yr.
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Hi I am Vinod Gangwani.I have Teaching Experience of 15+ years .I am in this field because teaching has always been my passion.Currently I am persuing my PhD in domain of Machine Learning.I am expertise in subjects Theory of Computation,Data Structures & Algorithms,Discrete Structures and Graph Theory,Python,C and Php.I can help students to...

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Dr D.Narahari image

I have 12 years of teaching experience in handling automata and theory of computation, compiler design and decent knowledge in machine learning concepts.

if you are interested to check my subject knowledge first listen my demo class or give some sample questions . i will give 100% perfect answers compared to other teachers

I am currently a...

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