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  • Jul 3
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

I am looking for someone expert in philosophy
I have a very short paper to write on Seneca the Youger
About his life, biography, family, death, and a
background about him.
700 words due in ONE HOUR!!!
10$ only via paypal

  • Jun 27
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • £200 (Fixed)

Thermal machines

  • Jun 25
  • Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

I need help with 2 short python file manipulation and defining functions

  • Jun 24
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • £200 (Fixed)

8. Iceland and the Global Financial Crisis *********
We can use Iceland´s unique strategy to surviving the global financial crisis as a tool for analyzing and debating about strategies of other countries in similar situations. Iceland showed a miraculous recovery through tough economic times and continues to grow well in the future.
A) Causes...

  • Jun 19
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • £500 (Fixed)

I need a teacher with experience for a thermal engineering exam including thermodynamics and heat transfer topics.

  • Jun 18
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Help me answer 12 questions for an Exam

  • Jun 17
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • £250/day

I am an industrial engineering student, study seminar subject.
I need help with my course requirements (project topic, extended abstract,final project report, and final project presentation using Prezi website)

  • Jun 16
  • Syria, Mit Akaba, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

report of the following operations research assigment.

  • Jun 8
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • £1,000 (Fixed)

i am looking for assignment help in finance and accounting subjects.

  • Jun 7
  • Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

I have homework

  • Jun 5
  • Oman St, Mashtoul as Souq, Markaz Mashtoul as Souq, Ash Sharqia Governorate, Egypt