Assignment jobs in Greece

The request is to construct a code in MATLAB (R2021b) for: "3D CGH holography for the construction of 3d holographic CGH masks with application in optogenetics" and to contain an algorithm (eg NOVO CGH) and for optimal performance of the derivatives for the function and definitely outputs the images of 3dCGHmasks, the RMSE-ITERATIONS cost...

  • Jun 27
  • Athens, Greece

im building a react native expo firebase application and i have a list of requirements to fulfill for a school project. anyone experienced in these technologies could contact me for further details on requirements.

  • Jun 25
  • Cyprus, Paralia 601 00, Greece
  • 90/day

i want help with one of my unix vi projects i have done most of the work but i ness a little bit of help

  • Jun 4
  • Kaisariani, Greece
  • 15/hour