Assignment jobs in Spain

Mostly related to understanding how to conduct an econometrics report

  • Mar 24
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 20/hour

Hello, I need some static courses with a female teacher to help me to be ready for my statistics exam which is end of April about time series and multiple linear regression . NO MEN THANKS

  • Mar 23
  • Madrid, Spain

Hello, I am looking for an expert in COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS
Specifically in the particle plotting module with loading and optimization
I am building an electron probe (magnetic and electric lens) to focus a beam of particles using the comsol multiphysics software

I am looking for someone who masters this software and the charged particle...

  • Mar 17
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 1 (Fixed)

Hi! Could use some help in prep for exam in option pricing (ito calculus, Black scholes and bonds bounds estimation)

  • Mar 16
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 30/hour

Statistics teacher

  • Mar 13
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 80/hour

For DSP with Keil uVision5?

  • Mar 8
  • Madrid, Spain

My requirements is pleased that I need you to make for me the thesis the final project of my bachelors.

  • Mar 7
  • Murcia, Spain
  • 50/month

Ros and matlab simulation

  • Feb 24
  • Madrid, Spain

I need someone to construct for me a website for an MVP. Then the actual platform.

The website is going go be backed by Artificial Intelligence and it’s gonna be a platform that gives a service of a full personalized travel pack for travelers.

Professional needs big experience in AI, ChatGPt, GPT-3, API and integrating promts to make your...

  • Feb 22
  • Madrid, Spain

I need to analyse some RNA seq data, specifically I need to do a DESeq2 analysis and then with a list of highly expressed genes do a TOGO analysis.
I have part of the code but it doesn't work and ChatGPT cannot do it either, cause it's very specific. My budget is maximum 17-18 euros per hour. I am a self supported student and I don't have much...

  • Feb 22
  • Seville, Spain
  • 17/hour