Assignment jobs in Turkey

Hello I need help in my English exam

the exam duration is about 1 hour and half

the date of exam is *********

contact me please

  • Jun 27
  • Karabük, Karabük Merkez/Karabük, Turkey
  • 400 (Fixed)

Looking for Linear algebra teacher, I have exam after 2 hours.

  • Jun 26
  • Beylikdüzü/Istanbul, Turkey
  • 100/hour

I am looking for someone who can help me with my assignment about quantitative decision making

  • Jun 26
  • Beşikkaya, 06360 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey
  • 250 (Fixed)

i am looking for someone to help me with macroeconomics exam. the exam is not a complicated one like if you know these chapters i am mentioning it will not take more than 30 mins

tutor is needed on
date. 27.June
time. 02:00 PM Turkish timing

included chapters:
- Fiscal Policy and Aggregate
- Aggregate Demand-Aggregate...

  • Jun 25
  • Beşiktaş, Sinanpaşa Mahallesi, 34353 Beşiktaş/Istanbul, Turkey
  • 350 (Fixed)

I need someone who can help me with my Finite Element Method on High Voltage Engineering.

  • Jun 24
  • Adana, Reşatbey, Seyhan/Adana, Turkey

I'm looking for someone who can help me with Finite Element Method.

  • Jun 24
  • Adana, Reşatbey, Seyhan/Adana, Turkey

I have an assignment in civil engineering

  • Jun 24
  • Antalya, Turkey

Need help with deploying a MERN project to Heroku

  • Jun 24
  • Usak, Uşak Merkez/Uşak, Turkey
  • 90 (Fixed)

I am looking for probablity tutor

  • Jun 23
  • İstanbul Yolu, Ankara, Turkey

I need someone to help me with my assignments
Histology and embryology
He is very good at it

  • Jun 23
  • Tuzla/Istanbul, Turkey

FINAL PROJECT – 7: Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Description of the Project:

The proper combination for the resistors in the feedback and input path of the 1st opamp forms a gain of K=-Rf/Ri. K can be >1 or <1. The relays will select which resistors are used and which ones are not used. Relays will be activated or deactivated by digital IOs...

  • Jun 20
  • Şile, İstanbul, Turkey
  • 400 (Fixed)

Hello I’m looking for a good doctor for helping with my lessons (dental lessons)

  • Jun 19
  • İstanbul Yolu, Ankara, Turkey
  • 500/hour

presentation PowerPoint PPT
topic Nanofilm
Cover the subject completely, that is, first an introduction and then the properties of the application and the method of identifying that material

  • Jun 19
  • Esenler/İstanbul, Turkey

I want to you solve electronic circuits exam

  • Jun 19
  • Çekmeköy/İstanbul, Turkey
  • 800 (Fixed)

I want to help me for my assignment.

  • Jun 16
  • Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
  • 250/day

I have medical biology lab I want help on it

  • Jun 16
  • Beylikdüzü/Istanbul, Turkey
  • 250 (Fixed)

i have Fluid Mechanics Design Project Submission deadline is 17/06/2022 its so simple just writing a report

budget around 20$

  • Jun 15
  • İstanbul Yolu, Ankara, Turkey
  • 300 (Fixed)

Mathematic Combinatorics assignment help,
Generating functions, probability, hasse diagrams etc.

  • Jun 14
  • Adana, Reşatbey, Seyhan/Adana, Turkey
  • 700 (Fixed)

Hope this message finds you well...
I would like to know whether you can help me with my tomorrow’s exam which will be about ‘Mathematical modelling and Heuristic methods’.
Please contact me on WhatsApp for further information.

  • Jun 14
  • Aksaray, Aksaray Merkez/Aksaray, Turkey
  • 200/hour

I need someone who has knowledge of democracy and democratization and, if possible, has studied international relations. An essay consisting of 4 questions of approximately 2000 words will be written on ********* The time to write an Essay is 24 hours.

  • Jun 13
  • Kadıköy/Istanbul, Turkey
  • 500 (Fixed)