Assignment jobs in United Kingdom

I have a coursework in OpenCL and I need your help ASAP . Could you please reply if you’re interested.

  • Yesterday
  • Bournemouth, UK

I want learning English from bignor

  • Mar 21
  • Newport, UK

C# and specflow and API job supp

  • Mar 20
  • Manchester, UK
  • £8/hour

I want to firstly produce a piece of code that behaves like a basic hash function in matalb , then after create a code that is similar to hash function SHA-0 or SHA-1 , then after I would like to show how I could test the code for collisions in mat-lab

  • Mar 19
  • Chelsea, London, UK
  • 16 mi.

Questions about Numberical Methods in PDEs and Applied Linear Algebra.

  • Mar 18
  • Glasgow, UK

I need help with Stata assignment, please message back if you can help

  • Mar 18
  • Mayfair, London, UK

wna to learn java and selenium asap

  • Mar 16
  • Barnet, UK
  • £5/hour

I have coursework about noise viberationa and harsheness, and I need your help.

  • Mar 13
  • Leeds, UK

hi, can you recreate this?

  • Mar 13
  • Ashford, UK
  • £200 (Fixed)

I have assignment that related to any program language

  • Mar 12
  • London Rd, Leicester, UK
  • £100 (Fixed)

Water resource engineering questions

  • Mar 11
  • Blackburn, UK

i need help with switching and routing

  • Mar 10
  • Southampton, UK
  • £5/hour

I am doing A levels and my subject is computer science. I’m studying VB.Net as my programming language. Currently I’m creating a project for my coursework. I might need some assistance as I don’t know how to make some parts that I’m trying to create in my project, hence I need some help. Could you please cantact me asap, would you be able to...

  • Mar 10
  • Leicester, UK

I am looking for a tutor that can assist me with VB.Net programming language, preferably the 2010 version. I am currently assigned to do a project for my coursework at my college, and i am required to create an app. There are a few things i am struggling to resolve in this project due to the lack of knowledge about the functions and attributes in...

  • Mar 9
  • Leicester, UK


I require some maths help for a project i am working on.

I have designed a fairground ride as part of a project i am working on for university. I am required to carry out first principle maths for the ride. Such as bending moments on a supporting beam. Static and dynamic loads and worst case dynamic loads and anything else that is really...

  • Mar 9
  • Leeds, UK

I'm a master student in computer science
I have 15 systems in GitHub and I would like to compare them in 9 points If you know more in GitHub web and (Linux, coding) please contact me.
I want to do this today before midnight. 24 from this message
this is the points and the comparing just in general
1- operating system
2- Extensibility...

  • Mar 9
  • Exeter, UK
  • £70 (Fixed)

I want to understand a already built project

  • Mar 7
  • Kent Ave, Welling, UK
  • £20 (Fixed)

Need ur contact number for telephone talking

  • Mar 6
  • York, UK

I need help in Matlab in Medical Imaging, its not so hard, ASAP

  • Mar 1
  • Aberdeen, UK