Assignment jobs in United Kingdom

I am in need of a teacher who can teach me jmeter? I need to know how many users can use my work website project, can you help me?

  • 10 hours ago
  • West St, London, UK
  • £10/hour

Hi, I’m looking for a lesson on Microsoft Project to help me build an extensive project timeline as soon as possible

  • Jul 12
  • Greenwich, London SE10 9NN, UK
  • 5 mi.
  • £10/hour

Please, can you help with LabVIEW for vibration measurements? Thank you

  • Jul 6
  • Jul 6
  • Haverhill CB9, UK
  • £3/hour

I would like help in my assignment which is related to analyzing data using java.

  • Jul 6
  • Edinburgh, UK


I need to learn something very specific, so I thought of dropping you a line first to see if it is something that lies within your area of expertise.

I have a working camera app which I coded in Android studio (in Java) copying and pasting bits of code from around the web. I have set up Firebase but I do not know how to make my app...

  • Jul 4
  • Archway, London N19, UK

Need help with formulaes on spss please. Can you help?

  • Jul 4
  • Finsbury Park, London, UK

I am a 3rd year university undergraduate studying mechanical engineering. I am searching for a tutor that can give me help with my dissertation based on the use of a motion platform to improve the immersion of a driving simulator. I need help in understanding the kinematics/equations of motion of a Stewart platform and the equations used to...

  • Jul 3
  • Gloucester, UK
  • 200 mi.
  • £40/hour

Hi. I am a 2nd year student in UK and I have to develop a mapping app. I tried to do it my self and I failed, and if I don't submit it in 2 weeks time I'm not going to pass the year. I got good understanding and I am a quick learner, but I get confused and I need someone to guide me, because my teacher is in holiday. I would appreciate you help...

  • Jun 21
  • 6 Carpathia Dr, Southampton SO14 3GU, UK
  • £10/day

I have a Revit assignment and I have made the building however I need you to install some systems to finish it off would you be able to do that?

  • Jun 19
  • Liverpool, UK
  • £100 (Fixed)

I am trying to add online appointment booking functionality to an existing website which is built using Umbraco. And using a third party web api service to implement this booking functionality. This web-api provider also handles the login part to authenticate the user and returns the XSRF-TOKEN which i need to use(implicitly) to call their...

  • Jun 13
  • Reading, UK
  • £25 (Fixed)

I am looking for Ansys mechanical training

  • Jun 13
  • Kingston upon Thames, UK
  • £100/week

I need a I.T person who can work on my Alidrop ship website remotely to help upload, update products from Ali express directly into the website and link all my social media accounts such as eBay, Amazon, instagram, Facebook etc.

Need the person to design the website.

  • Jun 12
  • Stevenage, UK
  • £5/hour

I am looking for someone to do an assessment in computer science( functional programming) please
it is an extremely important one!

  • Jun 10
  • Manchester, UK

looking for help with android project

  • Jun 10
  • Gower St, Bloomsbury, London, UK

Looking for Physics tutor for my son in GCSE year 10 and my budget is 600.00 INR per hour if this suits you pls let me know, thanks

  • Jun 7
  • Coventry, UK

I am seeking a Masters level minimum Computer Science tutor.
I am currently studying for a diploma in computing (online). My modules include:
Cyber Security
Database Design and Development
Web-Based Development
Network Design
Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Professional Responsibilities in IT
Strategic Management Information...

  • Jun 5
  • Sheffield, UK